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Daily Journey

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Candid Moments

Multnomah Falls

February 23, 2014
 One of my favorite spots in the world
Is Multnomah Falls only about 15 minutes from the house down I-84 heading east.
This was taken from the parking lots from the freeway side.
It always refreshes me.
I never tire of going there.
The beauty so inspiring year round.

February 23, 2014
 On January 9, 2014 a rock went through the bridge causing huge damage and the closer of it until repaired.
You can see it in the right hand corner.
 There are several article's on the damage to the bridge as well as some amazing photos.
Here is one link:

February 23, 2014
 I really would love to hike up to the bridge and look through the fenced area and maybe get some photos of the damage done.
But when I went up on Sunday it was late in the afternoon and I surely wasn't dressed for the adventure.
I just had a light jacket on
It gets pretty darn cold up there near the water and there was still snow on the ground with rain on its way.
So i just took a few snaps and had a polish dog and ice cream as I enjoyed the beauty.

February 23, 2014
 It really seems strange not seeing anyone on the bridge.
you can see the very tall fencing they have up. 
I'm sure some idiots will try and climb over.
I pray not as it is truly dangerous.

February 23, 2014
 This was one of my favorite photos I snapped on Sunday!
Love how the angle is with the snow bank in front of the Falls.
To think when I was a child I use to swim in this area.
They now have it blocked off totally for safety reasons.
Falling rocks is a common thing in the Columbia Gorge.
We have had several falling rocks and land slide this year.
Causing not just the closure of this National site but our Highways as well.
 Due to safety we have had to take alternate routes.

February 23, 2014
 A different angle of the bridge so you can see the hole where the rock went through.
Pretty amazing no one got hurt.
I have stood in the spot I cannot tell you how many times.
It gets very crowded on the bridge and sometimes I just don't want to cross over due to the crowds.
That spot is a great view to look down and to look across.
Usually I'm looking down or at whoever I left on the viewing point.

February 23, 2014
 Multnomah Lodge
It is a great little place to have lunch.
It houses a visitors center, gift shop and other little venues as well.
I was finishing up my ice cream before I headed back home.
I love the peacefulness of the views and stillness.
No matter the time of year it is a place to come and reconnect.
I could sit and just think and clear my head.
Thank you Lord for this amazing place so close to home.

February 23, 2014
 A nice young couple asked if they could take a picture of me in front of the Falls.
I was so excited as I was trying to do a selfie.
I in turn took a few of them.
As you see I wasn't dressed for this adventure at all.
Adorned in full colors of Spring!
All in all it was a lovely day.
Glad I took the adventure down the road for a short afternoon trip.
Glad you could stop by and enjoy the beauty.
Don't forget to leave a comment love to know you stopped in.

Do you enjoy little Winter adventures out even if they are short ones? Where is your peaceful place to go?

Photo Challenge

February Photo Challenge
Day 24~ Playing
This was a fun one to do!
As i love playing and I say I work to play hard.

I was searching for some special photos but couldn't find them. I must of ditched them somewhere and now cannot be found.
But the one of the dog playing in the water puddle was taken this weekend on my doggie outing with my friend Pat her her dog Mickey.
This guy was having so much fun with his frisbee and then the water puddle splashing about.
The one of the gentleman playing the guitar was in November when I went on a Mary Kay event to the beach. We went to an Irish pub for dinner and he was playing and singing. 
We had a table right next to the stage.
What an excellent time and so much fun with great memories.

February Photo Challenge
Day 25~
So I really am not much of a Susie homemaker.
I really don't keep recipes around.
I would hire a baker and chef if I could.
Though I do know how to cook and bake both.
Not to shabby at it either just not my cup of tea.
So I took a picture of the Internet for today's challenge.
What is your favorite recipe?

"We know all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose."
~Romans 8:28
Dear Lord, as you give all on a day-to-day basis, help me to accept it in just that way.

February Joy Dare

February 24th

3 Gifts before 11 AM

1. Dressed and ready for work and whatever the day has before me
2. Doing the pin curls in Gayle's hair! Yes! I can do them and the style turns out nice
3. Mailing out more bills that are not paid or will be once they reach their creditors, thank you Lord for the fiances to pay them

February Joy Dare

Day 25 ~
A gift worn out, new, made-do
Well....these ones maybe a bit harder for me to do today!
My gift worn out would be a pair of my favorite sandals I have yet thrown away. As I think I will get one more Summer out of them. Trusty good pair of sandals and my favorites!
New would be a few tops I purchased in Florida when I was visiting and can hardly wait to wear them when the weather warms up here. It will be so nice to have them. 
Made-do would be my blinds in the apartment. I so would love to have new ones some are broken and worn out; plus drapes would be so much nicer and keep the house warmer. But.....I'm making do with the ones we have.

A Holy Experience

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