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Daily Journey

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 56

Another picture of some of our beautiful plants that are now gone forever. This was a rhododendron outside across the way from our complex on the other side of the beautiful yard. There were lots and lots of these beauties all around the complex. Beautiful rhododendron's. They are so beautiful when in bloom.We had about eight or ten right around our little unit alone. I will have to look through some old photos to find them and post. So sad! All gone they are as well as so many other plants, bushes and trees. Why? Does one take out a mature flourishing healthy plant and trash them.
This rhododendron looks like it has a looking glass window in the center.
Rhododendron and the peeking through bush.

Once A Beauty
Do you like Rhododendron's?

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Amy said...

I do! I love them! My parents have a huge one right in front of their house, and the top just reaches the living room window. When I was a kid, I loved looking out and imagining that I lived in the bush.

Gina said...

Rhododendron's are beautfiul :) so sad that this place where you call home has taken out all of the beautiful greenery.