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Daily Journey

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 35

Dear Lord,
Lost Beauty
It is so fun having Kathrine here.
She makes me laugh so hard.
She is very helpful as well. I appreciate all the little things she does and blesses me with. She took me out to lunch today. We went to "Olive Garden". Yummy! We had the soup and salad all you can eat.
I went and worked for Ms R. today. She is so funny. We were laughing today realizing how many years we have been friends. Thank you for bringing her back into my life Lord. It has been over 40 years of friendship, love and laughter. I'm so glad we found each other once again. Friends for a life time. What could be better?
Went and did some shopping today and I didn't spend any money in the clothing store Lord. I was so proud of myself. I restraint myself, which we know is very hard. I may get those bad debits payed off in full yet! Thank you for helping me to be wise in all that I do and what I spend my money on.
Went for a short walk with the CK girl and Kathrine today. The sun was out and was so very pretty. I love the sun!
John called today. I know you know his various needs Lord. They are many. I think of him and thank you for our friendship. Please keep him in your loving care. He was in a very strange place today. I was telling hubby about it. He is a bit concerned about him as well as I. Thank you for always watching over him and keeping him safe.
Today was just a day of much joy and happiness for me as I so enjoyed the Sunshine Lord.
Lots of laughter with many smiles and new memories made.
I know you are up there smiling down on us today as we enjoyed each little gift that you have placed for our enjoyment about the day. I truly have enjoyed this day and all the many gifts. Thank you Lord.
I am reminded that sometimes when friends are in need you just have to drop your plans and go. Friends are your gift of the family we choose that you bless us with.
I'm glad you arrange my schedule and that I go with your flow Lord. It always turns out better than I can ever plan.
Stand Alone
Tomorrow is the day we have to say goodbye to Kathrine as she heads to her friends house. She will be missed here by me. I will be having her here for Easter weekend. Thank you for arranging her to be here with us Lord. Please be with my daughters and the grandchildren and may they have a wonderful Easter.
Today has just raced by Lord.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow and the gifts that you have for me.
I love you Lord.
Goodnight Beth

Do some days go faster than others for you?

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