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Daily Journey

Friday, April 15, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge~ M

"M" Is~

Well lets face it when one has to move it cost more money than it cost sometimes to stay where you are at, especially if you are renting.
There are all the fees that you have to have for credit checks per person per location. Okay who in the world has that kind of money!
Usually running 45 per each place you apply not to mention per person that's 90 (In my case).
Guess you better be sure the first time you look and know you will be able to afford and move in. So you are only paying this fee one time and one time only!

Than it takes from the money it cost for all the deposits to move in, if you have to keep coming up with this fee for each application you apply for.
The first and last in some places is needed.
Your cleaning deposit if they only ask for first.
If you have a pet there is pet deposits. Depending on how many pets its per pet as well.
Oh my goodness!
More money and more money!
Some ask for rent per pet per month even after the pet deposit. What the heck is that about?
Then there are keys deposits. Okay what is with that one?
I'm thinking that should be all inclusive.
Then some ask you to pay water and garbage. That one is a toss of the coin. So it depends on the place you are looking at. That one has always been around forever and ever.
Then if you want extra storage or if they offer a garage that is extra or a store room or both.
Oh my goodness!
Huge dollar amounts
Those pieces of real state are very expensive parcels.
But I know I need those parcels.
So will pay the big dollars they require.
Dang one should just invest in a house at these prices!

So that is just the expense to move into the new place whether it is a small house or apartment.
We haven't even touched the price of the moving van.
The gas!
Okay so that is another subject totally all by its self  for another post.
If your lucky enough you have boxes or know someone with lots of them. Tape and not to mention asking friends to help.
Which then you talking at least a lunch for them and soft drinks for the hard laborer.

Then when you move sometimes you have to put stuff into storage if you are down sizing.
More cost more money!
Always when you move into a new place their are new items that one needs to purchase for the new humble abode.
Usually running around the 200-300 mark.
So depending upon what your looking at and what your personal needs are a move could cost you around 2000, high end 4000.
Simply more than I have hanging around in my bank accounts.
So do you have bags of money laying around that can handle this move?

So I don't know about you, but I surely don't have that kind of money laying around for a move. It makes one think maybe we are better off where we are.
Not to mention that kind of funds could go for a nice start on a down on a place of your own.
Then we get into a whole new money matter and cost of moving.
Moving and money!
So then we didn't even mention the cost of changing your ID card or your registration on car. All added expenses as well.
The time you have to take off work.
And some have to pay movers as they maybe moving long distance or unable to handle the move on their own.
Lots and lots of money then!
So I think I will load the car and pack it down with all my things to safe a few extra bucks.

Then the time spent on changing our bills and re-hooking up as well as all the other things that need to be done that may not necessarily cost actually money.
But our precious time that we use for making money.
They surely go hand in hand.
Guess if one is planning on moving they should plan on having a bank roll on had to make that move as easy as possible and that it doesn't cut into the daily living expense's.

Have you moved a lot? And was it planned or unexpected expense?



Penned Pebbles said...

Everything takes money, gosh! I'd save it for a down payment. It doesn't quite seem like just throwing it out. :-)

Susie Swanson said...

It takes so much money this day and time. And I'm with you, The gas is what's killing us. Hope you have a blessed evening. Susie

linda may said...

Wow this was sure interesting for me to see what you guys over the other side of teh world have to go through. I am aklso a renter and our last move in particular (our 3rd home since moving to this city) was especially traumatic. Out of the fees you mentioned we have to pay here 1mths rent in advance, and moving costs, which include boxes, tapem, truck, etc, not the rest of the stuff you mentioned.We used to own our own house but sold it to move to teh city, bad move, can't afford out own home here. Bloody real estate agents!!!!

linda may said...

Sorry, I really should check my typing before I hit the enter button.