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Daily Journey

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 37

Dear Lord,
It was a rough night for sleep last evening. Not sure why I'm not sleeping well. But I think we need to work on that one.
I was up early and out the door. Traffic was awful on the way to work. With rain and just plain congestion of early morning traffic I'm sure. But was really glad I wasn't headed towards town. It was a dead stop on the freeway. I think this crazy weather is bringing out the worst in crazy drivers.
Some of the ladies got to go home, so my schedule was much lighter than I had thought it was going to be. It was a crazy busy morning in the salon though. There were three of us working today. Pushing and moving walkers and wheelchairs around to be able to get each one beautiful for the week. We managed to get plenty of the beauties looking fabulous as we moved each one around playing musical chairs as I call it.
I did up the towels for Shari so she didn't have to take them home.
Shari and I went over to the lunch room across the street and had lunch together. It was very nice getting to know her better and seeing the other side of the facilities.
She still hasn't heard when she will be having her surgery Lord. So next Thursday will be my last day there for awhile again. I love doing the fill work and helping out though. Thank you for this job opportunity.
It has been pretty cold all day today. I still have a chill in my bones. Thinking a hot long soaking bath with hot tea sounds wonderful this evening.
Hubby was pretty worked up today. I keep praying for him Lord. Sometimes I just don't even know how to pray. He was very stressed out today. I think there is more going on then he leads on about. I know you are watching over and working in his life Lord. Sometimes it is hard.He was excited to find out he is the top sell man in the district as well as the region though Lord. Thank you for your favor in his life and work and continued favor.
Today is just another quiet day for me. When I got home I just came in and started working on some projects I had going on. I still have a few more I really need to work on. But I think I'm going to call it an early night tonight unless I can get hubby to watch a movie with me.
CK has a limp in her walk Lord. Please touch and heal her little body. I thank you so much for each day you bless us with her Lord. I'm so grateful for each one of them. I know they are huge gifts from you to us.
I'm thinking she is slipping in the chuck holes and mud holes out side and injuring her self. I know I have already myself as well. Thank you for watching over our steps as we walk outside until they fix the mess out there Lord.
Thank you for giving me your strength, wisdom and rest as I prepare for tomorrows work Lord. I thank you that you are blessing the work of my hands Lord and that all are happy and pleased with their styles Lord.
I love you Lord.
Thank you for the many blessing each day even those I don't recognize Lord. I thank you that you will continue to reveal them and yourself more and more to me everyday.
I so look forward to the amazing gifts of each day that you bring across my path as I go about my business.
Goodnight Lord
See you at prayer time or in my quiet time. Where ever you show up I'm excited about Lord.
Love your Crazy Hairdresser Daughter Beth

Do you enjoy taking long hot baths with a cup of hot tea after along day of work?

1 comment:

Amanda said...

I've noticed that about the weather too, it brings out the bad driver in us.

Long hot baths are a luxury here but we love tea.