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Daily Journey

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Write A Letter Wednesday

This week from Josie over at "Write A Letter Wednesday" She asked us to write a letter to some we need to make an apology to or make up with or someone that you've misjudge.
You can link  up this letter at:

Dear Estranged Friend,
I am writing this letter in regards to our strained friendship.
You feel that you have reason to have ought with me and I the same.
So I am taking this time to write this letter to you in regards to our disrupted and lost friendship.
I have truly missed you and all the fun we have had in the past.
The shared memories and heart felt conversation's. Along with those deep talks I only wanted to share with you and no one else. The ones that shared my hopes and dreams, those things only you could understand.
You have traveled this long road with me, over the years of smooth roads and bumpy ones too.
The joys, the heart aches and so much more. You get me like no one else does. You listen with your heart and never judged just loved.
I miss that friend so much. I wish I had her back.
So here I am writing this letter in hopes you may consider...remember...the friendship.
I miss the laughter along with those long nights of dancing all night long. As we adventure to the unknown parts of the globe. Stopping and exploring as our hearts desired not worrying what tomorrow would bring.
The friend that wiped the tears of loss and pain when words would never do. The one that cried right along my side as she knew my pain like non other.
I miss those fun filled afternoons at the movies as we where taken away into the land of make believe and dreams of those imagination's of fantasy of each actor on the screen.
I miss the quiet times when all we had to do is sit and knew that was all that was needed.
The hug that said I care and love you I'm there for you no matter what.
The hikes along the beach above the mountain tops which gave way to life time memories.
The picture perfect days of a friendship of a life time.
The long meals of chatter and clatter of all that was going on in one an other's life's.
The time's we would study, worship and pray together, my friend and confidante.
My friend that held my hand, through it all to the bitter end no matter the cost.
I miss my friend and was wondering if we could just sit and talk.
Remember....consider..... the friendship.
Could we possible spend an afternoon hashing it out?
Finding what has brought us to ought?
Could we lay our swords of pain, angry, frustration, disappoints, unforgiveness, and loss to the side?
Do you think we might find that place of middle ground to find our way back to what we had?
Do you think maybe for an afternoon we might find that place where we might be able to look ahead and not behind?
Find that friend that has never left my side and loved me through it all not matter the cost?
Could I find that friend and remember what we had?
For just a evening...and remember what a friend she is?
Do you think....?
Estranged Friend

Do you have friends that you miss because of a wrong that one or the other thinks caused the breach?


Amanda said...

Beautiful letter, Beth. The longing speaks to me. Sometimes, it's about a real or perceived offense. But those can be manage with some effort on both sides.

The hardest is when a friend decides to take a different path in life, one that doesn't include us, one we cannot follow.

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely post and very heart-felt letter. Friendships are important but we do go through life making new ones.

I hope this gets sorted out for you.

CJ xx

Gina said...

This is amazing. I have friends that are lost and many times I have wanted to pick up the phone and just say hi, but so afraid of the harsh tears that will follow.


Josie said...

What a moving letter, Beth! I so hope you go ahead and send it to your friend. It sounds like there is nothing to lose and everything to regain from trying. I could relate well to the sentiments expressed, and I wonder how many of us have friendships, once treasured, that have fallen by the wayside at some point. It's never too late to make an offer of peace and forgiveness. You expressed this so beautifully! Thank you for sharing it with us at Write A Letter Wednesday.