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Daily Journey

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 40

Dear Lord,
Here we are on Palm Sunday already. What an amazing journey we have been on together. And continue too. I love the walk I have with you. Even when i may not understand all that is going on. Thank you for always being there with me.
Today I cleaned the Caddie out to get it ready to put up on Craig's list for sell. I pray we get what we ask for it and that Hubby will have a new car by the end of the week.
It is hard when he and I share the vehicle as it makes it hard to take care of other business that needs to be done.
CK and I went on several walks today. The sun was out. It made me feel so much better. I sure have been needing that sunshine in my life.
I felt like I got a lot accomplished once again today. It has left me very tired though I might say.
I will be driving Hubby to work tomorrow morning so it will be an early call for me. In fact all week will be like that. Thank you for infusing me with your strength, love, renewed freshness for each day that I wont lack in any area Lord. That both hubby and I will have more energy then we know what to do with and that the work of our hands our blessed and everything we set our hands to shall prosper in Jesus name.
The neighbor across the way was cleaning around the dug up flowerbeds trying to make them look so much nicer. I sure hope they do something with them real soon. It looks so naked out there without any beautiful plants and flowers.
I watched a couple of wonderful movies on the Hallmark channel today. They so both spoke to me about you and your perfect love for us. And how you have our lives in the very Palm of your hands. Thank you for revealing more of your wonderful love to me today in a new way. They both made me cry and as well made me more thankful for all that you have blessed me with. It is so easy to forget.
I thank you for the miracles of everyday that you bless me with Lord. There are so many. The walks, the shelter of my home but mostly the shelter you provide daily for me. It surpasses anything I could every dream or want. Thank you.
I love you so much Lord. my words seem so inadequate to express the love I have for you.
I'm going to close but will meet you again in a bit as we close the day in prayers and meet you in my dreams.
Goodnight Lord
Your daughter Beth

Is the sunshine out where you live?

1 comment:

Jennie said...

To which address would you post this letter to? :P... just kidding... Seriously it is very eye pleasing letter, i too used to write a lot of letters to god but not as good as you.. :) nyway thanks for the wonderful share ...

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