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Daily Journey

Monday, April 18, 2011

Todays Word Prompt~

Got love these prompts to describe an emotion or feeling in fifteen words or less. Okay I think I can do stress. I seem to have lots of experience with with it.
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Todays Prompt is 15 words or less

Love and hate are easy... lets try STRESS
Striving for the impossible
Uncontrollably over
Worrying and fretting
About things of life
Mind tricks


Richard Cottrell said...

Thanks for dropping b,My Old Historic House. I am you're newest follower. Love your music. Richard

nutschell said...

you've captured the essence of stress in such few words. great job!

JL Dodge said...

Well done Beth, You are spot on !!

Erin Wallace said...

I love how you've done this. The words are perfect and the construction reads like a haiku. Excellent work.

forgetmenot said...

I like it!! Sometimes it's really hard to say all we want to say in just a few words--a real challenge. Hope your week got off to a good start. Mickie :)

Amanda said...

Well said, Beth! :)