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Daily Journey

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Six Word Saturday

Eye examination Yea!
Pedi~time Fun!

Do you enjoy getting your toes all pretty?


Fiona said...

Eye exams are a pain. Pretty toes? I haven't been without toe polish for 25 years (now I'm showing my age - LOL)

So yeah I agree, pedi time is fun

Mercy a.k.a Rogue said...

I have never had my toes done by someone else before, but Id like to give it a go one day.

Susan in SC said...

I had my spring pedicure last week! It was great! Visiting from 6WS!

Kimmy said...

Actually, never had my toes purtied up! Nope! I have issues with people I don't know, touching my feet. lol

Enjoy and Happy SWS!

Kasi said...

I'd have gone through your eye exam for the pedi! :) Hope you had a great day! (Found your blog from Six Word Saturday!)

Call Me Cate said...

I have a vitamin deficiency of some sort and my nails are always icky. This means I'm not a fan of having my feet touched or my toes messed with. If I get a pedi, I do it at home. The eye exam, I always fail.

Thanks for playing 6WS!