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Daily Journey

Monday, April 18, 2011

Playdate ~ Scattered Love

As with many of my walks with CK we find many treasures.
Some are there for us to find and hold onto, a lesson or a moment of great Aw!
Some are lost treasures waiting to be found and loved once again.
To bring new life too.
Yet others are left in the drizzling rain long forgotten.
A reminder of a love that once was.
These treasures left behind for us to find to bring new life too.
Each one a moment of wonder.
I wonder what happened to each of these lost treasures left behind.
Why aren't they going to be loved or treasured any longer by those that have left them behind with such disregard. 
Left and scattered.
Who left them and scattered them  about to be  left and forgotten;
to be remembered no more.
As I journey about finding these treasures.
The Lord reminds me of the treasure I am too Him.
The Lord brings new life to them as He has with me.
I think the Lord brings these lost and forgotten treasures to me because it is a reminder of His precious love for me.
He reminds me that I'm His precious treasure.
                                                  That I'm not lost and that I'm highly valued.
That I'm not some lost scattered treasure that is forgotten.
But one that is truly loved and highly valued.
I look at the beauty of the bouquet of carnations and wonder how someone could scatter them underneath this window and leave them there without any thought or care.
With live still in them that would bring a beautiful scent of beauty to one's home and life from the one giving them.
Hand selected with care and love.
Just as I'm hand selected with care and love.
One of His treasured bouquets of beauty,
Not to be forgotten or scattered.
But held in His tender loving care under His wings of love.
I'm sure that is why the Father brought me this way on this drizzly day.
To show me that His love is fragrant and full of joy for me.
As He presented me with the lost bouquet of carnations that where scattered and forgotten.
Hand selected for me to find. 
By His divine guidance to be presented to me with love on this drizzly rainy day.
A reminder of His divine love for me.


Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.

What is your favorite memory of Easter?


Curtains In My Tree said...

Thank you so much for my versatile award how fun for me.
It was so nice for a new blog friend to check me out.

Also here is a blog I just found you might like to see Missouri history from Richard at
My Old Historial House

I have family in Portland Oregon


Jen said...

Your words are soothing to the soul -- that we are never lost, never scattered, never forgotten. A beautiful playdate!

Laura said...

I so agree with Jen, Beth...what a gift you give me to remind me of this truth today. I think I may even go out and get some carnations for the table tonight...

Thisisme. said...

Lovely post Bethe and I love it how you know that God is always looking out for you, and that you are a treasure to Him. Sending warmest wishes your way.

Anna said...

How precious, this treasure, just for you! Lovely thoughts and I'm on the lookout for treasures...