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Daily Journey

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 33

Dear Lord,
Thank you so much for touching CK and making her feel so much better Lord! I know my time is limited; but thank you so very much for the extra time you are gifting us with, with her. It means the world to me Lord.
She hasn't wanted to take her med's Lord. I have had to force them down her. Please help us get them down her more easily please! Thank you.
We had just a relaxing day with CK girl today. Monitoring her in the morning hours.
Then we went for a wet rainy walk this morning. At first she didn't want to go. But then she decided that would be okay.
We visited with a few of the neighbors that were outdoors. She really likes visiting.
She then went to go see her friend Monty next door. Pat was getting ready to take him for a walk as well. So we visited for a bit and then CK decided she wanted to try another walk this morning. Yea! That was so wonderful. I think it was a bit longer then we should have went on. But she was up for the task. We took it slow and easy. We all had a wonderful time.
As Monty is an old man as well. he is much older than CK. He is 18. So we thank you for the time you give Pat with him as well. I guess he hasn't been feeling to good either.
Thank you Lord for blessing us with these creatures Lord. They bring such joy into out lives.
Then home we went and rested some more after giving her some more meds.
It was basically a very quiet day Lord. We rested! I did some laundry and fell asleep on the couch. The woke to finish up the laundry.
We did watch a lot of classic movies on the TMC. They has a lot of Elizabeth Taylor movies on in memory of her. It was kind of fun watching those old classics's.
As the day past we just did nothing really.
Then late afternoon early evening Pat and Monty came by once again. We went for another walk. I was so pleasantly surprised she was up for the journey. Thank you for that added blessing today. I love when she loves to go out walking Lord.
We walked around the complex as we viewed the many changes taking place. We even got to visit with some other neighbor's.
Lord I thank you for the community of neighbors that I have and the blessing that they are.
I think my lessons here today have been that it is okay to rest. That sometimes taking time to care for those creatures you place in our care is a wonderful thing. I thank you for entrusting me with this wonderful dog named CK!
Front Yard Before They Ripped Everything Out
Lord It has basically been a day of rest here. So ... I know that sometimes it is all we actually have to do is rest. It is you replenishing us and caring for us. Thank you.
I love you Lord for always meeting us where we are and caring for our every need that we have.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow.
It is Hubby's day off. We also have the lovely Kathrine coming to stay for two days. I'm looking forward to her visit.
Thank you for the answered prayers last evening and the continued ones Lord.
I love you Lord.
Love your daughter Beth

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