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Daily Journey

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Prompt~ When I Was But A Child

Hey here we are with another exciting prompt from "Dodge Writes"

Today's prompts ...

Here at Dodge Writes we will do FINISH THIS LINE... The only requirement in this prompt is that you use this as the first line in your write... you may use prose or any form of poetry ... today's line is... WHEN I WAS BUT A CHILD

When I was but a child
I dashed about
Here and there and everywhere
When I was but a child
I ran through fields of dancing butterflies
I chased the wings of beauty
Dancing in the fields
When I was but a child
A jiggle and a jangle I would sing
As I danced about the fields of beauty
Singing my jingle jangle
When I was but a child
I would leap through the trees
That swung there branches to and fro
As I swung from limb to limb
Leaping through the trees
When I was but a child
My dreams where full of Kings and Queens
Jesters in the courts
With knights and shining armour
When I was but a child
My doll named Julia
Tea for two
Fine china set my table
When I was but a child
My idle chatter filled the rooms
With dreams of tomorrow's
When I was but a child
I raced across the finish line
The winner 
With a dream and kiss
That said I love you
Now its time for bed
When I was but a child


Kelly L said...

You have a great talent with words.
Love to you
I've Become My Mother

Susie Swanson said...

I love this, yes you do have a wonderful talent... Susie

Gina said...

wow this is amazing ;) you truly have a great talent. This place where I live is so peaceful and quiet ;) I got a linky tool but now have no idea how or what to do with it....


Bob said...

this is a neat blog, and you have a wonderful talent. it is a nice piece of work, and hope to see more.
Many Blessings,

Michele Chastain said...

What a touching piece of work! You have a true gift of painting a picture with it!!