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Daily Journey

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge~ J

"J" Is:
Jumping Joy
Jumping for joy changes!
Jumping for joy of the changes to come!
That is what is happening here in my neck of the woods, in my little community.
The new owners are jumping around with joy, with all the many changes they have in mind.
New landscaping, remodeling inside and out.
Should I be jumping with joy?
You would think I would be.
But... No! I am NOT!
Not one bit am I jumping for joy.
As they start at one end and work their way through.
They take no prisoner's that is for sure.
Each beautiful plant ripped up without thought.
Or so it appears to me and many others.
Trees, bushes, flowers of every kind.
Ripped out from the very root.
Taken with one sweep of the plow.
The bulldozers the saws along with the pick up trucks with the big dumpsters.
Jumping for joy for the beauty that was here... Yes!
But now sadness and loss gripes us all.
Jumping with despair of loss.
With the loss we pray comes new beauty.
Time will only tell. 
We wait on bated breathe to see the new out come too come.
So do we jump with joy with the new foliage to come.
I will wait with bated breathe to see.
I have lost my wooded village community and the privacy it provided.
Instead I jump with complete and utter shock and dismay of the beauty lost that was once here.
With sadness of the loss of beauty and foliage that once was.
My home it has been invaded by the huge bulldozers and machines that move the beauty. 
The beauty that I had once  been so accustomed too.
The beauty of the village now long gone.
Jumping out of my skin and with disbelief of the beauty that once was.
That is now is gone.
In its place left barren and poverty stricken.
Awaiting its coming beauty to be.
Will it be as lustrous as before?
Only time will tell.
Jumping for joy?
 I think not!
As I feel open and exposed.
Jumping for some changes!
I was not!
The loss is felt deeply within the village.
Gone is the once lustrous beauty of the looming trees of beauty.
The foliage that had given shelter in the heat of the Summer, warmth of beauty in the Winter.
The critters that filled the green foliage of beauty GONE!
Jumping for joy I am NOT!
Sadness is jumping inside! 
The loss of such and warmth to this once beautiful community.

Fire Wood?


Do you like lots of green foliage?



Susie Swanson said...

Yes I love foliage and it's a shame to see it stripped away. That's happening around us also. I miss the old scenery. No fun intended but you need JL and her husband. lol..

Gina said...

this bout brought tears to my eyes as I read your post. I can't believe people would destroy such beauty. I can't hardly stand to have the dead trees cut down as I know some squirrel, raccoon or other critters that may be home.

thank you for sharing