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Daily Journey

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge~ L

"L" Is~
Lounging is what I want to do when I get home. To do some relaxing and lounge on the couch. Put my feet up and maybe take a short nap. That is what I would love to do is lounge.
But if I lounge the house work doesn't get done.
Dinner wouldn't get cooked.
Nor the laundry that is piling up get washed and put away.
Come to think about it... If I lounged CK wouldn't get her walk. Nor I get my exercise from the walk.
That would be so very sad.
Lounging what a wonderful thought!
If I lounged around and just kicked up my feet upon the couch the vacuuming wouldn't get done, nor the dusting.
The beds made or the bathroom cleaned.
Oh what horror!
That would be.
That is what Id like to do.
 Maybe all that house work really doesn't need to be done as it never looks like it after I do it anyways.  Or at least it never looks like it the next day.
So maybe I could lounge just for a day.
Lounging the one thing I want to do but never seem to get to do.
Life comes in and says there is this and that to do.
So lounging is never what is on the agenda to do.
My how I would love to lounge.
The thought just brings such wonderful peaceful relaxation to mind.
The idea that one could lounge.
I think maybe if I could have a maid one might be able to lounge the day away.
 I think I would like that so very much.
A maid and time to lounge!
See ya on the beach!
Do you ever have time to lounge around and do nothing?


Debra Ann Elliott said...

Love you L post today! Thank you Bethe for the congrat's. I will. I will get $250.00 plus ten copies of the book. It's a much needed blessing.

melody-mae said...

Oh my friend!!! I love your word today...lounge, ahh yes such a sweet word!

Manzanita said...

That is a luxury allowed to me only when I'm sick. Then, who wants it? huh?I hope you get your lounging soon.
Wanna buy a duck