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Daily Journey

Monday, April 11, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 34

Dear Lord,
Towering Beauty
Blessing abound as I wake to the noise of the bulldozers and saws. I may not enjoy the beauty that is being torn up from the root. But I'm trusting that you will see fit to bless this place with the rich beauty that it once held in the grounds around my home.
I'm trying to stay positive as they work on the new landscaping and remolding of the complex. It is hard as I see such lush beauty being torn up Lord. Where are your Little creatures gone that lived in all the lush greenery and trees Lord? I will miss them so. I hope they come back to play and entrain us Lord. They made living here so much fun! We so loved feeding them. I will still hang the feeders in hopes of their soon return.
CK and I went for our early morning walk today. Thank you! She seems to be feeling so much better. I treasure each day you bless us with her Lord.
It was an overcast morning with breaking blue sky's that later would shower us with hail and rain. Oh what a strange weather day we have had.
Kinda the way I have felt one moment happy and full of excitement then the next fighting the doom and gloom of the changes and depression of the unknown.
Thank you for always helping me to see the positive and not the negative Lord.
I was excited to spend time on the Internet visiting and praying with Crystal Lord; then later a wonderful phone call.
I always learn so much while talking with her. My eyes are opened with new revelation to what you have for me. Thank you for the gifts that you have placed in Crystal that she so richly shares with me and all that she comes in contact with.
I love when we pray and share our hearts Lord. It blesses me so. I really miss her so very much. I pray someday in the near future that I might be able to go visit her in Florida Lord. That would be such an awesome, and amazing trip!
Hubby didn't have to work today so he went to see about making an appointment for my car to get that glare reflecting junk off my rear window. Yea! It is awful! I can hardly see out of it. It looks like sometime next week it will come off. I will be getting the car a tune up and checked out entirely for a future pending trip. If it all works out that I am able to go.
Kathrine arrived in town today. She will be staying for the next few nights. I'm so glad to have her here. She is such a wonderful encouragement and blessing to me Lord. She is so helpful to me in so many ways. A treasure gift she is!
When she arrived we went shopping for homemade tacos. Yummy! They turned out really yummy too!
Then out for another walk with CK girl. Though I think that one was just to much for her. She was tires quickly. So home we headed.
So today I'm thankful for the blessings of friends that you have so richly blessed me with Lord.
My lesson today has been being open to hear what you have to say to me even when I don't want to hear it.
That you are growing me and leading me to a great revelation of what you want for me, with all your richness and goodness.
I am also learning that change is never easy. Even with the changes here at the apartment complex it is revealing to me that I need to be more pliable and bendable. It is when I am that you can guide me into the greatness you have for me. That the change is not always bad but for good.  For your glory.
Tomorrow already has changes being made in it. So it is being bendable and changeable that I see as being very important as I follow you and what you have for me that I grow into who you have created me to be.
Fighting Blooms
I love you so much Lord and always look forward to seeing the treasures and blessings you have in store for me each day. Thank you for the many blessings and your abundant favor Lord.
May I always be in tune with your sweet holy spirit.
I love you
Goodnight and I will be seeing you in my night prayers
Your loving daughter

Do you look forward to changes in your daily schedule?

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Not always. Mostly not. Unless it includes travel. :)