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Daily Journey

Friday, April 15, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 38

Dear Lord,
Tree Up Rooted From Wind Storm Januray 2009
Another week has come and gone. It went so quickly. Up early and off to work early as well. The shop was filled and very busy. I think they are all getting ready for the Spring that hasn't arrived as of yet. Or maybe for Easter which is just around the corner. I already have a very loaded down calendar for next week. It starts Monday afternoon and goes all week full speed ahead. Thank you for blessing the work of my hands Lord.
Well as busy as it was I had to reschedule a few for next week. As dear hubby had a huge crisis with the car. It took a huge dump. It appears we will need a new vehicle ASAP! So I'm praying really hard for a miracle on this one. I need a car for my work as I travel. He needs one to get back and forth to work. Our schedules don't coincide at all. It would cost over 500 to repair the darn thing Lord and that's just for the radiator not all the other things that need to be fixed on it. YIKES! Even both mechanic's said it would be wiser to invest our money into a new vehicle. We truly need your great favor here Lord. A miracle would be great right about NOW! Between the car and having to find a place to move. What next? Or maybe I shouldn't ask that.
It appears I'm having a very full plate not of my liking at all. I have struggled with my attitude all day Lord.
Even at work I was a bit upset today with how some things where going. I don't like it when I'm like that at all. I much like it much better when I'm happy and finding the best in everything. This negative Nelly isn't me nor do I like her much. I do state my opinion very loudly and very well most all the time. But I try to do in away that is up beat and not offensive.
As usually the Ladies had me in stitches many times today. Joan came in to get a comb out first thing. That was nice. Then I had one right after the other. When talking with Dot this morning she was telling Phyllis and I that her and Dick will be celebrating 70 years of marriage come June. That is amazing Lord! What a beautiful testament of your love for them. That you have blessed them with long live and long marriage. I'm praying Dick will get to come home soon as Dot so misses him Lord.
It was terribly rainy and gloomy once again today. It is so dismal with this weather Lord. I'm thinking is Spring really here at all?
Hubby and I went to dinner tonight as I just didn't fell like cooking at all. Brought home CK girl my fries as I didn't want them.
I was looking at some photos from just a year ago. I so need to loss some weight. It is sneaking back on once again. I think I need to be more pro-active in this somehow. I guess I will go back to the gym as much as I hate it. That at least kept my muscles toned and in somewhat of a shape. I'm thinking walking just isn't enough. We do eat healthy so that is the good news. But I'm thinking there are some items I need to see if I can delete out of our food chain.
I'm so thankful you are in my life Lord. Today would've been so much worse had I not known you. Oh yikes how scary that would have been. I think you are so awesome even in a bad day we see how much you love us and bless us with such wonderful nuggets of your love. Thank you!
Even with this car situation I know you will work this out. We just have to be patience and see what you have planned as we do our part. I mean you may have something very wonderful for us. I just wish Hubby would see that being negative doesn't help. Thank you for giving us both you peace in the midst of the storm.
I'm so glad it is the weekend. I'm going to work on some projects. Some new ones that I hadn't planned but now need to be done.
But I'm excited about the dining table Cindy had blessed me with. I will pull out the old one tomorrow and take it out side and see if Tyler and Stacy what to re hap it for their little resale shop. The neat thing about this dinning set it has chairs Lord. I haven't had a dinette set with chairs in more years then I can count thank  you. It is a cute round table. I will get the dinning area all cleaned up real cute and that should add some cheer in this home. Thank you for this wonderful blessing Lord.
I love you so very much.
Well I'm thinking I'm calling it a night.
See you about my many adventures and in my dreams and prayers.
Your daughter Beth
Larchmont View September 2010

Anyone know of a good buy on a nice pickup truck?

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linda may said...

"G'Day, I came for a read via Monday Memories. I found this post a nice way to talk to God. Even though I am not sure where I stand with him. A nice way to talk out the days thoughts.