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Daily Journey

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Write A Letter Wednesday~

It is Wednesday once again as each week slips by quicker and quicker.
Which means it is time for "Write A Letter Wednesday" Over  at
Come along and join the fun!

Hello Mirror,
I am writing to let you know that some days I just really don't like that refection that looks back at me. I'm thinking you might be able to help me a bit on that.
In the movie "Sleeping Beauty" You would always tell the wicked Queen (The Witch) that she was the fairest of them all, until the beautiful sleeping beauty was becoming a lovely young lady. Then she was the fairest of them all!
Well my fairest children are grown now and out of the house. I'm not a witch nor a Queen.
Since the girls are grown and they aren't living here; do you think I might be the fairest of them all just for one more day?
I know we have the six beautiful granddaughters as well!
That they are newest generations of up and coming beauties, of the fairest in the land.
But.... Do you think you could tell me I am the fairest of them all in the land? Just for one wonderful day!
This would make my day!
As I fight this thing called age.
It isn't a very fun process you see. One day a beautiful young woman then one day you wake up ..... And you ask yourself where did that beautiful ingenue go?
But alas she is now this aging beauty that longs for the beauty of days past.
I know you really have nothing to do with the aging process.  But... truly I would love to turn back the hands of time.
So if you would only be that magic mirror for one magical day. So I might be that beautiful ingenue for one more magical day. So I might  hear once again that "I'm the fairest in the land!"
It would be so wonderful of you to indulge this aging beauty for one magical day, to be the beauty she once was. To hear those words one more time "You are the fairest in the land!"
Aging Beauty

Do you ever wonder what happened to that beauty in the mirror?


Josie said...

Hi Beth! I love that you wrote Sleeping Beauty into this! Just like you I often find myself wanting to have a magic mirror for even just one day. Sometimes I find myself staring hard at my reflection saying "Who is this, and what have you done with Josie?" :-) I am content to grow old gracefully, and like you am happy for the beauty of youth in our families, but yes - now and then it would be fun to look like we did way back then. I hardly recognize the girl in those pictures either! Thank you for joining us on Write A Letter Wednesday!

Amanda said...

Great letter! I rarely wonder what happened to the beauty in the mirror because I was never that pretty to begin with. But sometimes I do think, oh to be young again, knowing what I know now.