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Daily Journey

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 30

Dear God,
We made it through Thursday at the salon. Whew! It is a bit more crazy over at the Clackmas salon. Of course the place is so much larger. Boy I tell you though they sure can be a caddy bunch out there. I do enjoy working over there through Lord. Shari said she wasn't sure what the doctors are going to do about her shoulder or knees. I keep praying for her. They keep putting off the knee surgery until they decide what they are going to do about her shoulder. We pray she wont have to have surgery. She said if they do surgery on her shoulder she will have to give up her hairdressing.
Dolores the lady I removed the nails off of. She was so delighted and happy today. Crazy I had two of them at the same time that I had to have out of the salon at the same time as they both had appointments at 2:30 today.Talk about running from one to the other like a crazy hairdresser; so that they both would be out the door and on time to their appointments. Thank you for your favor Lord.
I was able to keep them under the dyer longer than five minutes today. YEA! That is nuts trying to keep the one under the dyer. I had to stand there and hold the hood down. (laughing and smiling)
I finished up earlier than I  thought I would. That was really cool! As I was able to head over to "Toys R Us".
I was trying to find Sammie her birthday gift. Boy she is a character Lord.
She wants a porcelain "Cinderella" doll, hers got broken. Not easy to find or replace. I'm so sad as the ones I have found online are very expensive. But Amber said that she is really into "CSI" WOW! Those are some interesting learning toys. So I got her the "Forensic Facial Reconstruction Kit". I'm wondering do we have a future forensic specialist on our hands Lord? How cool would that be? I love the fact that Amber encourages their interest and doesn't stop them from discovering what their interests are or what they like. She is an awesome mom Lord. In fact all three girls are. I'm so proud of them and their accomplishment's.  
The sun was out this afternoon on the drive home from work. I love the sun Lord! It was so beautiful! I wanted to stop everywhere and just look at the beauty all around me and soak up that sunshine and Vitim "D".
Plus I wanted to take pictures of everything that was in bloom and whatever else caught my fancy. Which seems to be everything lately!
When I turned down my street to come home what a surprise. They have removed all those bushes from our apartment complex Lord. It looks so barren. I'm sure whatever they do will be beautiful. It has lost that woodsy park feel that I loved so much though. It had such a wonderful feel country feeling to it, now it is gone.
They removed almost all of the bushes today by our place they will finish that up tomorrow. They will be removing some of the tress as well. It sounds like it is getting a huge makeover here in our little complex. I'm trying to stay positive about it. But I sure did love all the green and the bushes Lord.
CK and I took lots and lots of pictures today of all the construction on our walk. She loved all those dirt smells. Her little nose going a million miles a minute. I think with all the wonderful scents she was smelling. I told her she would have lots of new scents to smell.
The squirrels seemed to be going crazy as well. They seemed so lost without the bushes. They love playing in them. Even the neighbor's cat. I think all of the animals and wild life will be a bit confused with all the bushes and some of the trees being torn up and removed. I didn't even see any of my birds tonight at the feeders. (Sad)
Early this evening Miss Carol had me come over. It was so nice to see her. It has been awhile since I have seen her. She had me stay for dinner. how sweet of her. She got hubby some peanut brittle for his birthday. How sweet she is! Thank you for such wonderful friends Lord.
This day seemed to fly by so quickly.
Today there were tons of lessons. First prayer is so important. (obvious) I'm so grateful I had prayed before I got to work today. As it made it so much easier knowing you where there with me. Thank you. You always answer and make things easy to be entreated.
Thank you for Crystal standing and praying with me this morning as well. I love the fact that I have friends that will stop and pray with me when I need them. That is so awesome! You have blessed me with amazing friends.
I learned today that even when I'm rushed that you have my hand when you are invited in. You give me the time I need somehow someway through your amazing grace. That your peace is there and I know all things will work out just the way they are suppose too.
As I move Beth, out of the way, I'm finding the more I let you lead and guide, that I see more and more of you. It is more amazing then I could possible dream. The more I find you and all the wonderful gifts and beauty, even in the uncomfortable negative events in life not just the wonderful, beautiful positive the richer life is.
It is exciting to see all the beautiful treasures and gifts you have blessed me with Lord. I love you so much. thank you for blessing me.
It is late once again. Tomorrow is the end of the work week. It has been a busy week and I'm sure tomorrow will end with a bang! Looking forward to what you have for me.
Goodnight Lord
Love your daughter Beth

Is time flying by for you as well?

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