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Daily Journey

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Looky Looky!

Looky Looky!
At my pretty lady with my name!
Isn't she just beautiful?

The wonderful Gina over at "My Life In A Blog"

Gina and her honey Bob sent this to me. Don't know how she manged to find such a beauty but she has and gifted her to me. I just had to share and give her and her honey Bob and great big shout out and huge Thank you!
I'm super blessed and just love it!
The Bethe I always use has great meaning and is very dear and special to me.
So that the purple Violin Lady has Bethe on it means more than words can ever express.
My dearest friends call me Bethe and the kiddos have always called me Auntie Bethe so as you see there is very hidden meaning and much love behind it. There is more to the story but that is for another time.


I'm adding it to my page on the side bar.
It appears that I'm going to have to find another way to get all those buttons and awards plus linky's all put into a nice clean clear order so all can find and enjoy.
I may have to learn some more blog tricks or I will be paying someone else. Some how that doesn't sound right to me. But.... maybe? Who knows? So there maybe a new design in the future for this blog.

So I made this little lovely button my blog button so you can grab it and add. Its it just a lovely lady?
I'm so very excited about this beauty!
Truly I am so very blessed!

Have you been pleasantly surprised by your bloggie friends?


JL Dodge said...

OOO so pretty !!
sorry I havent been by in a while Beth, it has been a CRAZY week, I hope to catch up this weekend... thinking of you always !

Amanda said...

What a beautiful picture, Bethe, it suits you!

Reena said...

Such a beautiful picture, but more than that...Such a wonderful blog you have! It blesses me to no end to see all the lovely things about you taking form in all these creative ways and carefully placed throughout the pages here! You have done an amazing job with this and I am so proud of you! What's really neat is knowing what you have put together here will remain for generations to come. I am sure they will be truly blessed as well!
Love you!

melody-mae said...

just gorgeous!!!! wow.

Rosebud Collection said...

What a lovely picture..Beautiful..
Hope you enjoyed your Easter..we had fun..all 22 of us..
Weather has been terrible down south..praying for all..Have a happy rest of the week..xoxoRosebud.

Bob said...

grats on your new bloggie button, and it really looks great! i know gina wanted you this to have this button, and we both are happy your enjoying it. i like your blog, and keep up the good work.
many blessings,

Gina said...

Wow thank you so much for the wonderful thank you :) it truly touched my heart beyond no belief. I found this beauty on a chat forum *which I own a room on, the lady that does my room page and siggys for me had it on her post I immediately thought of you.

My given name is Regina but all my friends and family call me Gina it is so neat my neice as a baby couldn't say Regina or Gina so I became aunt goose...hehe!!

Hope your week/day is super great.

PS thank you for mentioning Bob also :) we are like 2 peas in a pod!