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Daily Journey

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge~ X

"X" Is:
 Even the dictionary doesn't have many words for the letter "X".
There is those that are referred to as generation "X".
That sounds so awful as though you are being "X" out.
So I have never been fond of that reference to a generation.
As each generation is of much value and worth.
They bring so much to this world and our life's.
My daughters where referred to as generation "X".
I say I think the letter "X" leaves one wondering what to write.
So few words and none come to mind.
So here I ramble on about the letter "X".
I could write about xylophone.

One of the classic toys of childhood and days gone by.
The first instrument every child learns and and every parent wonders why grandma bought such a toy.
Or is the xylophone the one instrument everyone wonders it truly one that is played at all? Or is it one only played in foreign lands and childhood days?
Or I could write about x-rays.
The ones the doctors take to see what is happening in the inside.
What is the diagnose of that x-ray?
Or is that x-ray vision for our super hero.
Who saves the day!
Maybe x-ray is the vision one has for the
the future with those super natural powers.
Or just maybe...
I have nothing at all as I ramble on about the letter"X". 
What word do you think of when you think of the letter "X"?


Thisisme. said...

Well, you managed to find two really good words with the letter X! A lot of people have been struggling with this one. Let's hope that the letter Y will be easier. Then it will be the last letter! Eeek!

Penned Pebbles said...

Well, xylophone and x-rays, haha! Blessings!