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Daily Journey

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Of CK~ Mom Whats In The Pcoket?

Mom I smell something yummy! What is that I smell? Are you hiding something from me? I know you have those special treats I love. Is it possible you have some stashed in your pocket mom?
I will make some faces at you. See mom I'm sticking my tongue out at you. Are you looking mom?
Will this face win me some of those special treats I so love mom? Mom are you listening to me?

Sticking Tongue Out At Mom

I'm sure there is something hiding in my moms pockets. I can smell those yummy treats. I sure hope I get more than one.

Sniffing It Out

Mom I'm thinking you have something in your pocket. I can smell it. You know my snout is good at sniffing out smells. My nose is a trained nose too. So you cannot trick me at all mom. So mom, whats in the pocket?

Pocket Full Of Treats

Moms pocket is filled with yummy treats! I knew she had some of those awesome treats I so love. She thought I didn't know. But... I did! I could smell them. She is a wonderful mom with a pocket full of treats.


I'm so happy! I got some treats. She is the best!

Looking For More

I think I will look and see if I can find anymore of those treats. Maybe she dropped one. Then I can have the forgotten treat that was left behind for me to find.


Happiness is laying here after having a few wonderful treats from mom pockets.

Longing For More Treats

I'm really hoping to get some more of those treats. It is like chocolate candy to me. Do you like chocolate? Well if you do then you know exactly how I feel about those treats. One is never quite enough. Just one more would be wonderful. Maybe I will make some wonderful faces for her. She will find me irresistible and give me some more treats.

Adoring My Mom

Mom see my loving face. I will do anything for one more bite of those yummy treats in your pocket. Oh mom Please!

What? I Am Getting More

I think she is going to get more out. Yes! She is going to give me another treat! I knew she would if I adoringly looked at her with those eyes of love. She can never resist those puppy dog eyes of love.

Another Treat

I think she dropped another one out of her pocket onto the floor. I hope she doesn't see it and she forgets its there. Then I will have another one besides the ones she hand feeds me. 
More Treats

I better not look down or she will know. I just need to keep my focus on her and that pocket full of treats.

Belly Full Of Treats

I just get so excited thinking about treats. They are so good! They are so satisfying.
Now I just have to tell her how much I love her. Because she is the best mom to have a pocket full of treats.


Happiness is having all the treats any dog could ever ask for. My mom keeps her pockets full of yummy treats. I even get the special ones when I smile pretty for her. Does your mom give you special treats and keep her pockets full?

Do you carry doggie treats for the dogs in your neighborhood?

1 comment:

Petra said...

What a sweetie! Looking pretty cozy on the couch! Tucker doesn't look in my pocket. He goes to the cupboard and opens it up. Good thing he can't open the treat box...yet. :)