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Daily Journey

Friday, April 8, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~31

Dear Lord,
Yet another week has come and gone. Where does the time go? It seems I just started this week the other day. But then again it seems like it really shouldn't be April or almost Easter either. The time is flying by while I stand still. Or at least it seems that way Lord. I know I'm not! My plate is full with much business.  I'm busy everyday with many activities as well. I'm blessed by you in each one.
Today you gave me an extra half hour of sleep thank you I so needed that. I didn't realize how tired I have been. The best part is that I was out the door on time and ready to go to work on those gorgeous ladies.
Goodness they just kept coming in today one right after the other. Some I was shocked to see. Others I knew it was getting that time once again. Lots of the gents came in today. I'm sure in the next few weeks I will have quite a few of them as they get ready for Easter. Even the gentleman need to look handsome Lord. Thank you for sending me the business.
Lois got her hair cut short today. I pray she likes it. She wanted it short but when she moved I ended up taking more off then planed. I told her don't move your head. And what does she do? Yep she moved her head. Chunk right out of the area that is noticeable so I had no choice but to go shorter so I pray she enjoys this shorter cut.  I thought it turned out cute. But I'm not the one that has to wear it either. Thank you Lord.
Went to the bank after work today and they had no merchant teller. It was weird too as they normally just go ahead and take the merchants not today. They wanted me to get in the very long long line. NOPE! So I left and drove to another bank where there was no line. Very lovely young lady that serviced me as well. Got lots of banking done. It seems I need to camp out sometimes with all the banking. But I know I have to keep everything separate to make Uncle Sam happy. Wish he could see fit to make the America people happy Lord. Oh I guess he may not know you either. As he wants you out of everything. That is so sad too. Such a great loss by acting as though they don't know you or want you. Guess "they" the government has  to many idols  they like to worship and serve. Not to mention on their agenda to worry about the true God. Trying to force their sick values on us Americans. I see why we must pray for the government Lord. They really need them and YOU! So we will be praying for this government to see their true need for You.
I made an appointment to get my eyes examined. I'm so excited they are getting me in so quickly. Thank you for your great favor Lord. Tomorrow afternoon. Amazing I thought I was going to have to wait a few weeks.
The drive home was lovely once again with the pretty blue sky. Thank you for the breaking of the sunshine. I'm so enjoying it so very much. Now if you will let it stay that would be better yet.
CK and I didn't get to do our short walk for the today.  Instead she saw her friend Monty and laid next to him in the sun. Then she would spot the cats and go on high alert and want to chase them. Silly Ol' Lady still thinks she can chase other animals. I think she en joyed laying in the sun. I know I sure enjoyed sitting in it. Then she was ready to go in after about a half hour or so. I was hoping for a bit of walk but she didn't seem interested at all. Maybe tomorrow.
I did go for a walk around the complex. As they are removing so many trees, shrubs and flowers. I started taking even more pictures then I normally do. It makes me sad to see them go. I so loved the park feel here. As well and the privacy that they provided. It seems pretty barren. Trying to keep a positive attitude and belief that they are going to put something back that is better than what they removed.
Meet some lovely people out walking today and stopped and visited with them. They have some of the same sentiment's as I do about all the greenery going away. But they are as well trying to stay positive about the changes taking place.
Made a casserole for dinner tonight. Hubby wont be home until late again. I'm not sure about these later hours. But then again I'm so very grateful for his job and work Lord.
Thank you for blessing us with work. I'm believing all three of my daughters and their spouses will have good jobs and will be able to provide what they need for the families. So many are suffering right now. I pray the windows of heaven will open up and pour out a blessing upon each and all of us; that we wouldn't have room enough to hold it all Lord.
I'm looking forward to doing some Spring cleaning and planting on the patio. Maybe I will get some of that done this weekend. Or at least started. 
Today I just soaked up your beauty and sunshine that you blessed me with Lord. I thank you for that so very much. As  I continue to stay focused on you and the positive changes that I see going on around me Lord. Some are not comfortable for me as some of the changes are effecting me. But with you I will move with your guidance and peace into a smooth transition. Thank you for making it easy to be entreated Lord. It is amazing to me too. Because I don't like change at all. I would rather things stay the same. But then it would be stagnate and that is bad. Just like our relationship with you. We should always be growing and moving not staying the same or stagnate. Thank you for that revelation Lord. Because when we are stagnate is when mold and disease grow and take over. That is not good. So I will accept this change as good.
Thank you for revealing so many wonderful truths to me and your wondrous goodness. It gets better and better everyday.
I love you Lord.
Thank you for the many blessing and treasured gifts you bless me with through out each and everyday of the week Lord. the day.
I love you so much.
I'm really looking forward to this weekend and the many wonderful activities as well as adventures you have planned for me.
Goodnight Lord.
Mucho love
Your daughter Beth

Do you like trees and shrubs or more open?

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