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Daily Journey

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Write A Letter Wednesday~ Mr. Bunny

Mr. Bunny,
I ask you why do you hide the Easter eggs that the chicken lays? And why the color?
Not that I mind the colored eggs. I like all the color full of the beauty of Spring.
Just curious.
So do you politely ask for the eggs? Or do you just take them? Steal them from the poor chickens in the coop?
Just wondering how you go about getting your eggs.
If I lived on a farm I would just go and collect them. But since I'm a city girl I go and purchase mine from the super market.
Then there is the deal with all the candy.
Love the candy! Mine being the Cadbury you can only get at Easter time? Now that truly puzzles me.
You see you can only have a Cadbury at Easter? Is it truly that special? I mean I love it and think it is a decanted piece of candy. But.... Why only Easter?
And why the hunt of the Easter eggs Mr. Bunny?
Then of course I was wondering how you came upon this particular job?
I think of all the joy you bring with your baskets full of colored eggs and candy.
I'm thinking the eggs represent the wonder and new birth of life.
Much like the one that Lord offers each one of us.
The candy the sweetness of His precious love.
The basket filled with all the treasures and promises.
The hunt representing His burial and Resurrection.
I have so many questions Mr. Bunny.
I'm hoping you can answer some of these mystery questions that have haunted many of us for generations.
Signed Curious
Easter Bunny Fan

Do you color and hunt the Easter eggs on Easter Sunday?


Amanda said...

The magic word is delegate: I no longer color because I was silly enough to burn myself really bad during the process a few years ago...and I send my boy to look for them. :)

Debra Ann Elliott said...

Great post. We used to on Sunday's when Nick was younger, but now we do Saturday hunt's at church. Thanks for stopping by and your heartfelt post.

Anonymous said...

Missed ya lady! Hope all is well on your end! :)

Josie said...

What a lovely letter! I have often wondered how the Easter bunny and the eggs became connected in the story too. :-) Easter memories rank high among my kid's favorites now that they are grown. Then there was the year I dyed my foot purple by spilling a cup of egg dye. It looked lovely in my sandals! :-)) Thank you for participating in Write A Letter Wednesday!

Gina said...

I love this post!!! thank you for sharing. When my grandparents were still living we always hid the eggs there (me being the oldest, I always got the job of hiding them) I love cadbury also and great question why only at Easter :?