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Daily Journey

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Be Wonderful~ Hook Up

Happy Saturday! Head on over to "Angel Perry: Be Wonderful" Blog hop.

My be wonderful is going to be wonderful to myself this wonderful Saturday! I will be taking CK girl for a bit of a walk shortly.
After wards my dear girlfriend will be picking me up. Headed to the eye doctor for my well over due eye exam.
Then we are headed to the salon to get our pedi's! Oh how I'm looking forward to that. it is another thing that is well over due as well.
My first Spring pedi of the season.
So I will have pretty toes and feet.
Standing on them like I do on hard cement day in and day out I really should have this done at least once a month if not more often.
Pretty toes post to come later.

Here's a view to take in!

The view from my living room window. It truly is a new view. This is part of the removing equipment that I is taking all the beauty away for new.  
Thank God we didn't wake up to this early in the morning. I think they have the weekends off.
Praise God!
As I did get to sleep in a bit.
So headed to get ready for my amazing afternoon.

Hope you have a "Wonderful You" day!

Have you ever had heavy equipment sitting in your yard?


Xenia said...

I'm so jealous, Beth! My feet and toes could definitely use a little pampering... but what a great way for you to celebrate the day and, even better, having gotten to sleep in! Enjoy!

melody-mae said...

ohh, beth you had me and pedi's!!!!! I hope you are your friend have a lovely time and it sounds like a start to a wonderful weekend!!!