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Daily Journey

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 36

Dear Lord,
This day was a full day. The ladies were full of fight today. One in peculiar. Boy! She was a fiesta one that is for sure. I know that they may not realize how they are acting. My goodness they can be mean though. It was all I could do to be nice. I so wanted to just tell her to get out. But... I didn't and she went out looking as lovely as always. In fact later in the day she came and gave me a hug and told me how every one thought she looked great! Thank you for giving me grace so that I could give it to her Lord.
All the ladies are always so excited to get there hair done. They are always telling me how glad that they are that I am there to do their hair. Thank you.
I was exhausted today when I left the salon. Some days take so much out of me.
Headed on over to the Adult Foster Care. One lady didn't get her hair done she was getting her feet done. how wonderful is that. I love seeing the ladies get pampered and treated so special.
The drive home was gray and over cast.
When I got home it was raining and hailing so CK and I didn't get to go for a walk today. I'm hoping these gray over cast rainy hailing days will soon pass. That we will have beautiful sunshine weather. I'm so ready for the sunshine. I think it is well over due.
I'm going to make this letter short tonight Lord. I'm tried and have to get up really early tomorrow for work. So please forgive me for not spending the time I normally do writing you.
Today I found out that having some patience's and sharing the grace you pour out to me is a gift when shared with others even when they don't deserve it. Just like what you do for us daily. I so love you Lord
Thank you for giving me peaceful restful sleep that I might wake totally refreshed and renewed in you Lord.
See you in my dreams.
Love your daughter Beth

Some days do you feel like you should have stayed in bed?

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