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Daily Journey

Monday, April 11, 2011

PlayDate ~ The Joy Of One More Day

One more gift, of one more day of play.
That is the way I felt this very moment and day.
We had a horrific scare with CK over the weekend. But the Lord was gracious and saw fit to give us the gift of more time.
I praise God for that. As she is so special to my hubby and I.
So my play date is with my best friend CK!
We took a short stroll across the street to the field where she loves to play.
Of course she has to sniff at every little blade of grass along the way.
The wonderful scents after a wonderful Spring rain for her to sniff and discover...
Only she and God knows.
She found this lovely banquet of green grass blades.
I'm sure she was grassing a bit on the sweet blades. She loves the sweetness of them.
I remember as a child picking the blades of grass and chewing on the sweetness of them.
Just as you and I take deep breathes of the sweet beauty that surrounds us.
She stopped at every turn. Taking in each wonderful piece of glorious beauty of the freshness of the morning air and scents.
Lessons I'm sure I should be taking in as I breathe in each sweetness of fresh air of beauty that He has blessed me with.
As we strolled about we took our time.
Just taking in each moment of the drizzling rain and beauty that surrounded us.

Grassing On The Green Blades

As we headed towards home we crossed over to the sidewalk unaware of the treasure we would find.
As we headed towards the cross walk.
There it was!
We had found the golden lost banquet of treasures left behind.
I'm sure by some small child, to be given in love.
You see this golden treasure is the banquet of sunshine from the dandelion. The wild weed flower that warms my heart of childhood memories of days gone by.
As CK stood over the scattered lost banquet of sunshine to be given in love to some mommy;
I felt as though my CK girl had just blessed me with my sunshine banquet of beauty in this weed the dandelion. (To her mommy)
She had stopped in the center half circle perfectly looking at them then up at me. As if to say look mom I have found you a banquet of sunshine beauty for you.
She may not have picked them. She may not even really know. But somehow in this moment of time God blessed us with one more day.
He blessed this moment with His divine love.
He blessed us with a bit of sunshine from the banquet of golden scattered weeds of dandelion's, in the mist of the drizzling overcast rainy day.
You see He knew the importance of the day and the beauty of the dandelion weed to me.
He knew I needed a smile and bit of sunshine brought into my life.
I think He blessed us with one more day of play as He designed those dandelion weeds to be a blessing one more time, before their life faded away.

Mom's Banquet Of Dandelion's

The scattered love of the dandelion. This is the love that lays on the ground broken and fading away.
But the joy of one more day brought life back into these fading dandelion's of sunshine of childhood memories.
They made new memories for a girl named Beth and her companion CK.
The Lord saw fit to bless us with the joy of one more day.
These lost and broken dandelion's bring joy and sunshine to warm the heart with memories of the love the Father has for us.
As He knew the joy they would bring to me.
Hand picked by the Father above with love from Him to me.
Giving us the joy of one more day!


Job 29:13

The blessing of him that was ready to perish came upon me: and I caused the widow's heart to sing for joy. 

Scattered Dandelion's Of Love

                  Below is the link to the "Finger Print Friday" on the dandelion. If you'd like to read it.

When you where a child did you pick grass blades and chew the sweetness out of them?


Thisisme. said...

Look at all your Followers! You'll soon hit the magic 100! Well done! That writing today was beautiful and lovely photos of CK.

Laura said...

I did, Beth. I chewed on grass blades. And wild onions too! Mom didn't care for that habit of her children. The smell stays for quite a while! :)

Your C.K. is just a sweetie. She looks like she is loved very well. Our doggies are so special to us. My boys are crazy about Lucy Mae. She has grown up with them. I'll be thinking of your little doggie. And that lovely dandelion bouquet!

I Am Not Superwoman said...

I am glad you got to spend some special time with CK. Very sweet! Thank you so much for praying for our baby girl last week. I appreciate it very much. Hope you have a great week. I hear it might be dry today. Maybe time for another walk in the grass.