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Daily Journey

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Three Word Wednesday Promt~

Here is another three word prompt from "Three Word Wednesday"

This week's words:

Cleanse; verb: Make something thoroughly clean; rid (a person, place or thing) of something seen as unpleasant, unwanted or defiling; free (someone) from sin or guilt.

Knead; verb: Work into dough or paste with the hands; make (bread or pottery) by such a process; massage or squeeze with the hands.

Melt; verb: Become liquefied by heat; become more tender or loving; noun: An act of melting.

Cleanse am I
By the shed blood
Of God's only son
That I might have life
And life more abundantly

He is the pottery
I the clay
As He will Knead
This broken and shattered piece of clay 
Into the priceless beauty
By His son's shed blood

By the fire and heat
I melt and form
To the will of God
Who first loved me
And sent His son
To shed His blood
For me

He will cleanse me
Knead me
And melt me
Into the priceless treasure
That He sent His only son
To die on  the cross for
By His shed blood
I am His


Are you having family over for Easter dinner?


JL Dodge said...

WOW Beth, you really know how to write !
I know I'm about to spoil you, but I have another award for you.. please stop over to DOdge Writes to pick it up ...

BTW... we read all of your posts for the past day and love them all ! YOUR AWESOME !!

Gina said...

wow I am in awe struck. I am (the first of May) going to start some of the other challenges. Starting the month off right, and a lot of changes are coming my way also! (Good, of course, so please keep Bob & I in your prayers over the next couple to 3 weeks)


Gina said...

I love the idea of an ongoing bucket list, let me know what we need to do?
The bucket list was Bob's idea :)
you can grab the eggs at blognation...make a new gadget.

OH and ps CONGRATS on the new award, looking forward to seeing it

Bob said...

bethe, this is gina's honey, and i would like to thank you for giving gina a new award. also, i would like to thank you for your prayers...for gina and i. she and i really appreciate your kind words and we shall keep you in our prayers. i am so proud of gina, because of her strength and determination...and we are really happy having you as our friend.
god bless you,
bob n gina

Bob said...

bethe, this is bob (gina's bob) and would like to thank you for all your prayer's and well wishes. your very kind, and gina and i are keeping you in our prayers. gina is a special woman, and we both appreciate you as our friend.
god bless you,
bob & gina:)