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Daily Journey

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Amazing Production Of Valjean!

Last evening my wonderful neighbor invited me to go to an Easter event with her at her church. I gladly excepted.
I love going to church events!
God always seems to speak to me someway or another. This night was no different.
I was shedding tears that could have filled several buckets.
They illustrated the story of Valjean.
A wonderful story of grace.
With an orchestra and music from
The story of Valjean's
"Les Miserables"
Isn't funny how we all can relate to Valjean's story.
Have we not all been lost and miserable at one time or another? In some situation with life?
I know I have!
But... the true catch of the story  isn't Valjean who is miserable in the end but it is Javert the jailer.
We become our own worst jailers in life making prisons that allow nothing in or out.
We may not be in prison, but we seem to make our own prisons and live a life that is not the fullness that the Lord has intended for us. We don't see  the gifts that He has blessed us with. We are not able to receive them because we don't understand the gift that is freely given. 
Then we become much like Javert unable to receive what is freely given.
As we have the barricades in place allowing nothing in or out.
We cannot find away to receive the grace that is freely given and paid for in full by our Lord and Savior. We struggle with our past seeing no hope of escaping it. But that price was paid in full by our Lord and Savior 2000 years ago.
Awaiting us for the taking.
The message of grace that is ours to freely take.
The story is so relevant even in 2011.
We need to let the Lord tear down those strongholds that hold us back from all that He has for us. We need to be able to receive His free gift of salvation and love.
Two sentence's in the ending spoke to me.
One was about the barricades.
(How many do we put up daily?)
The other about love.
Which was  when you have had love you have seen the face of God!
I just broke right then and there.
My bucket of tears then became three more buckets.
(How many time's have I shut off love that God was placing before me?)
I have had the pleasure of seeing this Broadway musical on stage in the theater.
It was excellent!
This is an abbreviated synopsis of the original.
But I think by far this group of Christian actors and singers portrayed this story of grace amazingly.
What a power house they are!
The voices and the music.
The message!
If you don't know my Lord and Savior I invite you to come and know Him.
If you'd like to know how. Please leave me a comment I would gladly love to introduce you to Him.
He stands knocking at the door of your heart.
He will not force Himself on you.
He is a gentleman.
But if you'd like to meet Him I'd love to introduce you.

If you have never seen this story.
Please read the book, or get the movie (As I understand they have made one); or it ever plays in your town it is worth going to see.
If you live here in the Portland surrounding areas and  you are able to come this weekend to see this performance. DO IT! I will tell you it is so worth the time I know you will be super blessed!

Thank you Pat for blessing me this Friday evening!
I'm looking forward to going back this evening and taking a friend or two with me.
Hope you all can come out and be super blessed!

Happy Easter!

He has RISEN!
He Lives!
The very grave could not hold Him!
He has RISEN & LIVES! 

 So I might live in entirety with Him!
Praising my Jesus my Lord and Savior!

Revelation 3:20

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him and he with me.

Does your church put on Easter plays or events?


Debra Ann Elliott said...

Thank you for sharing. Thank you so much for stopping by and your nice comments.

Gina said...

Thank You for stopping by today. I love this post

Thank you for sharing

Jeff said...

Thank you Beth for sharing your experience with everyone. I was the Producer/Director for the production and also played Javert. It was pleasure to read your comments, and I am glad that you had a positive experience. God is good!