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Daily Journey

Monday, April 4, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 27

Dear Lord,
Yet another rainy day! Are you crying a lot for a reason Lord? (Smile) When I was little I remember thinking when it was raining you where crying. So I'm wondering are you crying?
Today it is pretty cold outside besides so wet and rainy.
CK and I where up early to get her to her Vets appointment. She is always so excited to go bye ~ bye with me Lord. I'm so glad you blessed me with this precious dog. She brings such joy to my heart.
I came home and thought I might just rest a bit before preparing to  head over to the Adult Foster Care to do hair. Those ladies are such a blessing Lord. I so love the work I do!
I had to go get more products for the salon again. Boy! Even the prices at the supply store are rocketing up. I thank you for the provisions of all that I need to do the work I do Lord.
I went to speak with the new management team today. I asked them about the rumor we heard last evening about possible having to move. Well... it is true! I guess I will start looking a bit for a new place. I so hate moving. Though she did say it would be at least a year before they got to this apartment building. I just don't want to be left in the last minute trying to find a place that will take our CK and Hancho as well. They both are apart of this family.
Today was a strange day of odd events and adventures.
I did some blog reading early in the day and was blessed my the many writers and their talents to convey so much through the written word.
Seems many of us are on an amazing journey Lord.
Oh yes! Lord! I was blessed today with my first blog award for inspirational blog. I was so shocked. I still am. But I am so humbled by it. It is because of you I'm here and doing this blog. I had never considered doing any writing or sharing it. And here I am sharing my ramblings and life along with some of my crazy story's and words that roll around in my head. What fun I'm having.
Something that really stuck out to me today was that we are bought with a price. I have always know it but something just rang in my head today about that. Our worth is so much, as you gave up so much for each one of us. I had spoken with a few of my precious friends you have blessed me with about this just today in fact.
When I was sharing today with my dear friend Rose, I  was telling her how I don't mind spending a little extra for things more now then I have ever in my life. I think it is because of the value you have show me daily that you have for me and who I am. We are highly valued by you.
Thank you for revealing little nuggets of your self and the love you have for me daily though each day Lord.
It just amazes me the things the people anything that you will use to get your message across to me. I just have to open my eyes and listen with my heart and ears to see and hear all that you have for me.
Thank you for loving me Lord.
Love you.
See you in the land of dreams until we meet in the morning light.

 How's your week starting out?


Anonymous said...

Dearest Beth,

Yes we will see each other in the land of dreams! But don't blame me if I can't resist meeting you right now -- you are so irresistible sweet for writing to me, for talking to me. See my smile right now? You are one of the reasons for that!

I love you precious,

LV said...

A beautiful post filled with wonderful words of beauty.

Bethe77 said...

Bendedspoon! Thank your for the beautiful respons from God! That so touches me. May you be blessed this day.
Thank you LV for you beautiful kind words. I always look forward to seeing your commments.