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Daily Journey

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 29

Good evening Lord,
Peaceful Waters
Made it through another day of awesome excitement! Those ladies at the salon are a kick in the pants Lord. May I have as much sense of humor as some of them have. They keep me in stitches Lord. It was off to a slow start as a few are still in the hospital from falls as you know. But once I get them in the shop its social time all day long till those doors close. Even the guys get into it when they pop in for their hair cuts. Or J. when he comes to harass or should I say flirt with all those beauties in the salon.
It was a good day at the shop even with the cancellation's due to health Lord. Friday should be a nice day as well.
I know tomorrow at the Clackmas shop I have a lot on the books. I'm looking forward to seeing some of them.
Hey do you think you help keep some of those ladies under the hairdryer tomorrow. The five minute dryers wont work. Shari came by and said that the administration said I needed to keep them under. I don't know how to do that  without forcing them. I don't believe in that Lord. Thank you for your help ahead of time.
I also am doing a nail remover on a lady. Thanks for giving her and me the patience's as I do that. That is a long job of just sitting.
I'm not good at sitting you know. I'm a mover and a shaker.
Headed over to the Adult Foster care when I got done at the salon today. Sandra is so disoriented today. She made me laugh so hard. I told her she was being silly as she kept telling her daughter she wanted to go home. We assured her this was her home. She was talking about little people whacking her hair. To funny Lord! I think they are so cute I love each one so much. Betty was as quiet as a mouse. then Norma thought she wouldn't talk. My goodness what precious children you have in each one of them Lord. Thank you for allowing me to care for them and make them more beautiful then they already are. What a joy and pleasurable gift you have given me in my work.
So then I went to deposit my recycle bottles a the center. Boy they are a nasty crew Lord. I say Lord, why do people have to be that way? And why do they make it so difficult to recycle? They yell and scream that they want us too. But they don't make it easy for us too. I'm about to start tossing everything back in the garbage can again. It is ridicule's that they want us to do it but they make it a job of inconvenience. People don't have that kind of time to waste or the gas at the prices Lord. Oh thank you for letting me vent on this issue. It is a huge pet peeve of mine. I don't mind doing my part or recycling but... really don't make it harder then it already is. Life is already filled with many inconnivance's already. I may just hand the bottles to the homeless instead. Heather's church in Sacramento has the right idea on bottle recycle. They all take their bottles to church for recycle then it goes towards missions. What a wonderful thing Lord.
Hubby has to work so late tonight and the rest of this week. He has gone to Summer hours. I hate those hours. But I'm grateful he has  job Lord.
So this evening CK and I walked up to the mail box and the office. Her med's came in for her arthritis. So glad we could afford to get that for her. Thank you for the provision Lord.
So I learned today that a good sense of humor is worth more than a million. It is apart of the good medicine of laughter. The dose that is good for our spirits and makes the heart merry. I think it is good to laugh at ourselves and with those we love. It makes life easier and more joyful. Thank you that we can laugh at ourselves, so that we wont be so stressed out with the things of life.
I like it when I don't feel so stress. So laughter is where it is at! More laughter more healthy happier Beth!
What could be better. Thank you Lord for laughter. Laughing at all the silly things even those darn mistakes that are fixed with joy in my heart.
Such wonderful lessons I'm learning as I pay more attention to You the sweet Holy Spirit.
I love you Lord.
Looking forward to more of our many adventures and all the wonderful treasures and gifts you have in each person as I journey through each day you have blessed me with.
Another day has passed and the night has come for me to rest.
Goodnight Lord
Again I will see you in my dreams
Love you Beth

If you live in the Sacramento area and want to contact my daughters church about their bottle recycling for missions, I'm not sure they still are doing that. I know last year that is what they where doing to raise funds for missions. I thought that was so cool. Their link is

Do you recycle?


Amanda said...

You post made me shiver. I thought I knew how to pray but apparently I don't. :)

JL Dodge said...

Love you lent letters Beth !