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Daily Journey

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A new blog hop~ Hosted by Angel Perry at This life is Sweet

So over at "Angel Perry; This life is Sweet" she is putting together a new blog hop. I thought I would help her by hopping onto her link. I love her blog. It is so warm and beautiful! She is just a little darling. So if you enjoy and like doing blog hops might I suggest you check her out.
 Hope you are having a fab Saturday!
We just had a little hail storm here. What a far cry from the beauty and warmth of yesterday! So would love to see that sunshine make a second calling.
Thinking I may hop in the car with dear hubby and go to the gym before the baby's shower.
Have a fabulous Saturday!

How is the weather today in your location?


Anonymous said...

Thanks sweets! How cute are you! I am in Southern Arizona & it is beautiful here! It should be in the 80's today, the heat is right around the corner & creeping up on us. I slept with the windows open last night, that's how beautiful it was here =)

Thisisme. said...

Hi Bethe. I have popped over to Angel's blog and joined in with her weekend blog hop, and I will not be following her as well. Thank you!

Thisisme. said...

Sorry! That should have read, I will NOW be following her as well!!

melody-mae said...

I am her follower and just linked up to her hop as well!! :)

melody-mae said...

oh and must add that it is pouring here at home, I am in need of Spring/Summer. Hope you have time for the gym!