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Daily Journey

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Prompt~ Three Word Wednesday

The three word Wednesday prompt is brought to you and hosted by "Dodge Writes"; JL has a host of prompts there today and where to go to link up with each one.  You can chose to do one or all or combine! Whatever floats your boat. She is amazing!

Three word Wednesday...
Peculiar, Fabricate, Adamant... here we go...

One Peculiar afternoon
There was one Adamant
Worker who
Was working hard
Where he would  Fabricate
Component's for a new
Form of fishing poles
He was Adamant
About his work
As he was a
Adamant fisherman
With very Peculiar habits
Thus he was very
Adamant about his work
This very Peculiar fisherman
Who was fabricating
The new design of fishing poles
As he worked hard
On this Peculiar afternoon



melody-mae said...

haha...great use of the three, Beth!

Thisisme. said...

Very good there Bethe! You've used those words really well.

JL Dodge said...

Twisted our tongue on that one Beth... Well done !
Thank you so much for the plug, YOU ROCK !!