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Daily Journey

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Write A Letter Wednesday~ Mr. Taxman

Mr. Taxman,
Yet another year has come to pay yet another piece of my small pie to you. I don't have many slices left and they surely are getting smaller and smaller every year no thanks to you.
You never seem to be happy with your lot.
You seem to over spend more and more every year expecting us tax payers to pick up your wild spending habits. Yet you expect us to stay within our means. What about YOU?
I can only stretch so far. Yet you ask for far more and more of me every year. I can only stretch  my budget so far; with my every growing expenses. I need to survive here as well, you know.
When will your crazy spending habits ever, STOP! If I spent and lived the high fluting life you lead I would have been in jail with a do not pass "GO" and head straight to "Jail". I would be in the barrel of life wondering where my next meal was coming from.
You have appetite for the high life that truly needs to be curbed.
Do you think you could find it in yourself to stay within your means?
Stop your over spending and high fluting life style.
I can no longer support these habits that you have grown so accustom too.
I will be awaiting your response of a life style more suiting to you since you are heavily in debit. With your debit ratio you need to find away to stay within your means.
Let me know your findings, as I will be awaiting a much needed return myself to meet all of my many needs as well.
Thank you for taking time from your very hectic busy schedule; of high fluting living and spending to look over my complaints.
Disgruntle Tax Payer


Amanda said...

Well said!

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Haha! I'm betting a lot of people would like to send a letter like that. :)

Lisa said...

A timely letter. Very nicely done.


Josie said...

A resounding AMEN!! I absolutely agree. If we can't afford fluff, frills and fancy affairs, then why should our government be able to spend like that?! I think all congressmen should have to live on the average income in their district, no special benefits. That might be eye opening!