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Daily Journey

Sunday, May 22, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 88

Bonneville Dam just before Cascade Locks and right after Multnomah Falls.
One of my many favorite places to go on a daily adventure.
This is about 20 minutes take a few from my home.
I live in a wonderful place.
The best way to see some of these sites in my opinion is to be on the old scenic highway.
Though the scenic highway is wonderful as well.
Both will give you breathe taking views. You will want to have a camera in hand and stop a lot for the candid camera shots. You will not be disappointed at all

 Is there a dam near you?


Strobels said...
love your posts!

Rainbow said...

This pic is amazing :) I love looking at old dam's There is several dams near here one that intrigues me the most is a pump back station. I need to try to find those pics and post for you, I think you would like them also.

I have a pic from 93 flood at dam near here that were letting out 100,000 gallons per sec, shortly after the pic was taken that dam gave way. thank the Lord we (mom and I) were almost home when that happened.

Blessings and may the Lord keep you safe in your travel back home