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Daily Journey

Monday, May 2, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 68

Neighbors cat who loved to hide in the bushes and tease CK and bird watch.
Of course the lovely bushes are gone now.
I don't see the cat as much as I use too.
She does come over to our porch quite often though. I think she has found she can come to the slider and tease the old gal. It is rather funny to watch too.
Hoping to catch some shots of her there.
It is sad I use to get some great pictures of the animals, domestic and wild when we had all the lovely foliage. Not much to capture now.
Hoping with time that will change.

Do you have neighbor animals that love to come and visit your place?

Socrates Is Downstairs


Gina said...

I had to do a double take on that cat it looks just like CAZ my cat wow.

I have a whole lot a critters that come to my yard (the one the annoys me is the black lab from across the fence he comes to my yard right in front of the door to do his business.

Hope you are doing well

Bob said...

i also, had to look at the cat again, it looks like gina's cat.(caz) Caz has prominent stripes on his front legs also.
Many Blessings,