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Daily Journey

Sunday, May 1, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 67

Afternoon sky in the ball park. I couldn't believe this cloud and the color that was over head.
 It was so stunning!
It was taken in North Highlands, Ca in 2009
 While visiting my children and grandchildren on one of my visits. This was in mid to late April.  
I love the sky and the tree lines. I thought it was breathe taking.
I am a sky watcher. I love watching the cloud formations. I remember as a child even as an adult still laying in the yard or park and watching the clouds. Making them into animal's, creature's or whatever I see in them. Such beauty hand painted by the Lord.

Do you like to watch the sky and make creature's in the clouds?

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Thisisme. said...

Those two photos are awesome, Bethe! I particularly like the first one, with the pinkish sky. Yes, I remember clearly lying on my back as a child and looking at the sky and the clouds. I now do the same thing with my grandchildren! Magical! Hope you're having a good weekend my friend.

Bob said...

The cloud pictures are great! The pictures are definitely a kodak moment. I hope your weekend is blessed.
Many Blessings,

forgetmenot said...

Bethe, That is a stunning sky!! That cloud is quite unusual and beautiful. The sky holds so much wonder if we would only look up! Have a terrific week. Mickie :)

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Bethe, we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!