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Daily Journey

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Poem~ Frustration Attacks

Frustration Strikes
Quick to the heart with flurry and fire
Unnerving ever fiber within your soul
With destruction in mind
With each blow

Taking no prisoner's
With death in mind
Holding each word with lethal attack
With bullets of fiery steel straight to the heart
Aiming to kill
No mercy with held with each flame aimed
Riping away the very fiber of the soul
Destroying all in her path
One by one

Lethal Attacks
Blow by blow
Destroying with every trick in hand
Methodical harming those around with hatred in mind
No prisoner's
Blow by blow
Looming over each with contempt for another attack
Pulling each layer apart with haste
Guilty of much pain
Lethal Attacks


Do you ever wonder how your words effect others?


Vanilla Mama said...

Wow - I have had those days! Awesome poem!

Sandy McCollum said...

It's really got to be hard to be a person who thinks that way, huh? And the song, so perfect! Think it over.... Good poem, good rant! I just hope it wasn't inspired by someone around you.

Amanda said...

It sounds like someone gave you a really awful time. I'm very sorry to hear that. :(

Rosebud Collection said...

You know, words are painful when used with anger..The only thing I tell my girls..Keep a vision in your mind..a path and anything that is going to upset/take away your sweep to the side and keep walking down the path..Let no one take your happiness..xoxoRosebud.