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Daily Journey

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Write A Letter Wednesday~

Dear Ruby,
It has been years since we have seen each other.
I have always wondered what had happened to you and if you had done all the things you had dreamed and talked about when we were younger.
It will be nice to see you and speak with you. It has been way to long.
I So loved our long walks in the park and your insight on how you where going to achieve all your dreams in your life. We were just mere teenagers when we moved. But I have often wondered what happened to my best friend that I shared my inter most thoughts and dreams with. If she achieved all she had dreamed of.
I'm so excited to know that we will be seeing each other soon and be able  to share all the things that have transpired in the years since our last walk in the park when we had to say goodbye. Thinking it was only going to be until we could be together in college. Then we moved again and again.
As the years past we seem to lose touch with one another.
I'm so excited that you ran across my name on the net and found me.
I have often wondered where you where and what happened to you.
I'm so excited to hear and see all the things you accomplished in your life and how everything worked out for you. It is like a dream come to true to have my friend fine me once again.
It seems like yesterday that we were making plans for our futures. How the years escaped us after we moved. As we grew into young women, wife's and mothers.
Until we meet I will be looking forward to the time we will have.
Until then may the Lord keep you
Your Long Lost Friend

Hooking up with Josie over at "Write A Letter Wednesday"

Do you love receiving mail in the mail box from the post man?


Gina said...

This post is great. I need to write somelong overdue letters myself. Hope your trip is
going great.
I love snail mail


Josie said...

I loved this letter Beth! I think we all have people that have been a part of our lives at some point that we've lost touch with and would love to reconnect with. This letter expressed that well, and makes me hope that Ruby and Mellie have a wonderful reunion that carries their friendship forward. Thank you so much for contributing to Write A Letter Wednesday!

Thisisme. said...

Wonderful letter to Ruby from Mellie. The internet, through facebook etc., has brought so many friends back in touch from many years ago, which is great! I used to love writing letters and, even more, receiving them. But, of course, hardly anyone writes real letters anymore. It is all e-mails, which is a shame really.