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Daily Journey

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Plugging Along

Plugging along through my daily activities.
It starts out with many things to accomplish on my plate of things to do.
As I plug along I seem to whittle them down one by one.
I have the six most important list going on a daily basis. So I wont forget any of those highly urgent items that need my attention  immediately.
One for business, the other for personal.
I always leave room for an emergency, you just never know.
Then there is always the chance the good Lord could change your plans in the middle of your to do list as you plug along.
So one must be prepared for quick changes in the list of the to do's as she /he plugs along.
So as I plug along through the day whittling one item after the other off my list.
The day passes as I plug along through all my activities.
As the day comes to a close I look to see where the list is.
Those that didn't get done are put to the top of the list for the next day, along with the those items that will need to be done as well on the next days list of priority listing to be done.
So much to do and not enough time!
How does one get it all done?
Plugging along one by one knocking each item off as I scratch through it to show it has been completed.
Plugging along as I go through the day whether I'm doing business or just enjoying the day.
I'm plugging along.
Whittling away at the list of to do's in my daily activities.
Plugging along until all is done!
I usually use a tablet and cross off as I go. Though I have used forms before.
It is whatever is handy to write on for me to make my list.
Then I start my plugging away until all is done.
I wish I could find the ones my dear friend made for me that I love. She made me personalized tablets with my most six important list.



Do you make a list of things to do and cross them off as you go?


Rainbow said...

This is a wonderful post, I try to mark my list off as I do them, but mostly I do things on the spur of the moment

hope your doing well


Title Loans said...

I try to make lists in importance of things that need to be done, but often I find myself doing it in the spur-of-the moment, too. Lists are a great reminder, though, just in case you forget :)

Happy Day!

JL Dodge said...

The only lists We have are on the calendar for our yards and the fridge for our food and such...
Love your posts as usual Beth !

Taiba Butt said...

This is really a charming post... I can't do a single work perfectly without my lists.. lolz... i mostly use and to maintain my daily life tasks try them too.