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Daily Journey

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Well I was Gone~ I was Picked

So many exciting things have happened to me while I was on vacation.
I just want you all to know and thank Red headed Riter for picking me for her Saturday stalker.
I was picked to be stalked  on Saturday's by her followers.
A great "BIG" Thank you to each of Redheaded Riter's followers for coming by.
Thank you to each one of you that have come to check me out and to all my new followers; as well as to each one of my followers. Thank you for leaving me wonderful surprises and comments throughout my trip.
It is so fun to read them all and catch up on all of you.
If I haven't gotten to you I will.
So if you have never checked out "The Redhead Riter" I say she is a must for everyone. Great tips, advice, recipes, motivating and wonderful laughter. Just a real hoot!
A little of everything and a wealth of great information for growing your blog following and other wonderful tips to make your blog more functional.
You cannot go wrong with her.

Saturday Stalker, Are you next?
The Redhead Riter

Do you like surprises?


Amanda said...

That's an excellent link, thank you. :)

melody-mae said...

oh yes, I do love my redhead riter!!! congrats on the stalker feature too. you so deserved it all my friend!