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Daily Journey

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Photo Challenge Red~ Hosted By Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate Photography is back with her photo challenges. I'm so very excited! I love her blog, her challenges. I think I love everything about her. She is just FUN! I was learning so much with my camera when she took time off. Lots of neat pictures and other photography's who linked up. Great place to just learn and view wonderful art work through the lens of a camera. So glad she is back.
Please check Destiny out over at "Twisted Fate Photography"
You wont be disappointed I assure you.

So I had three different types of photos I took today in "RED". So this is really hard. As each one of the "RED" photos has a really cool story to go with them. I have been trying to decide which one would be best to put in this challenge.
The one I'm picking isn't the one I had originally decided upon. But I felt this one was more unique and unusual. So I went with this photo for "Red".
The others I will just have to use in a blog story somewhere else I guess.
Sounds like I will have some new story's to tell.

Mirrored Images

I decided on this photo due to the fact that the widows where reflecting the clouds in the rear window and the side windows where reflecting our complex and trees. I was standing there waiting on CK girl and noticed that the windows where reflecting such beauty. Then I realized I had a "Red' vehicle. Perfect for the "Red" challenge.
I had something else in mind as I stated. But this seemed to fit artistically. Especially since I'm trying to learn and grow in my photography.

Do you like to step out artistically and try new things in your creativity?


{Liz} said...

cool shot.

JL Dodge said...

Wow what a geat shot Beth !
I think I may try the challenges from that blog too !

On an unrelated subject, Susie told me you might be able to walk me through getting the music feed on my blog... I have a URL from Playlist, but dont know which gadget to use to put it on my blog... can you help me?

Thank you , as always LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU !!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet shot girl! Angel and perspective is great! Thank you so much for linking up! I'm not sure why my button showed and not your photo? hmmm...that hasn't happened on my end either...

Happy Monday