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Daily Journey

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three Word Wednesday Promt~

I am a bit behind. Praying to catch up soon. besides being gone on vacation, working, I have been a bit ill so has hubby.
So it seems my blog is the one that is being left in the rears.
Please bear with me as I play catch up. If I don't get caught up well..............Then we start fresh where we are right?

So it is three word Wednesday and here it is Thursday.
The words for this week are:

Three word Wednesday @  This weeks words are...
Grin; verb: Smile broadly, especially in and unrestrained manner and with the mouth.

Jumble; noun: An untidy collection or pile of things; verb: Mixed up in a confused or untidy way.

Naked; adjective: (Of a person or part of the body) without clothing; (of a tree, plant or animal) without leave, hair, scales, etc.; exposed to harm, unprotected or vulnerable.

Well lets see what I come up with.

As I jumble over all the clutter
I grin
As though naked
In the jumble of life
A grin that brings laughter
Naked for all to see


Do you ever feel exposed and naked before all to see?


Thisisme. said...

I'm so sorry that you and hubby are feeling unwell, and hope you will feel better soon. I think, sometimes, we just have to get a little behind with our blogging. Life gets in the way sometimes. I know that everyone out there understands that, so I try not to worry about it anymore. Have a lovely weekend.

Rainbow said...

Thank you for this wonderful post, a suggestion, maybe to help you get caught up...make a public post and tell everybody thank you and that you will start right here with comments etc..just food for thought. How can I help you my sweet friend with the tabs? I will call you tomorrow if that is ok, and walk you through how to do them. Please email me your phone number(s) and what time to call I am 2 hrs ahead of you.

I hope you and hubby feel better soon :)

Blessings my Sweet Bethe
ps Bob says he will get caught up also, hes been kind of under the weather a bit also, but shhhh I won't tell him hes just love sick like I am :)

Amanda said...

I also feel the need to post stuff "on time" but that's just not always possible. I hope you feel much better now.

And yes, when I write I sometimes feel like that.

Alice Audrey said...

Wow, you hit it twice! Nice!

My three words only turned up once each and took more words to get to. Still, I hope you'll find time for them.