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Daily Journey

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Asking For........

Today I'm asking all my followers to please go check out Kelly L. over at "I've Become A Mother". She has a very special request of the bloggie world. I know most of us cannot maybe donate financially or even be a donor but we can pray for this precious child.
Imagine if it was your child.
So please go check her out:

Be A Donor - Save A Life - An Urgent Request

Thank you for standing in prayers or if you are able to donate to this cause.

My oldest daughter is a surgical tech and is apart of many blessings of life.
She is a special team of doctors and nurses who go in a bring life to others. So I have heard many miracle stories through her work.
But.... Pray is where it starts and it takes a lot of special people and love to bring this all together.
Thank you to each one of you for going and checking this page and praying for them.

Do you have a special miracle in your life?


Kelly L said...

Thank you very much for sharing Haley's story!
Love and blessings to you

Rainbow said...

I will keep her in my prayers and will visit her sight, thank you for sharing.

PS can you please pray for a family here in OK who in the tornadoes (dad was out of town he is safe, however mom and her 3 children took cover in their bathtub, the tornado (f4) sucked the three children mom is pregnant....the children 5, 3 and 15 months (the Lord thought he needed 2 of the children the 3 and 15 month, and the 5 yr old is in critical condition mom and baby to be are in critical condition also..I have no names) thank you Bethe.

Also,thank you for being there for me. We have (bob and I) wondered who we would use for our witnesses...and now I think I know who I am going to use.!!