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Daily Journey

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 91

These are the gentlemen that were hired to cut our lovely trees.
I don't think they were very happy about taking down healthy trees either.
As I was talking with them they seemed rather miffed at the fact that they where taking down healthy mature trees.
The head man did state they left some of the trees they where to take down because they didn't want to disturb the wild life that was getting ready to birth.
Praise the Lord!
He said they would have to come back at a later date and finish the job. That it would cost a bit more but they didn't care they felt that was the right thing to do.
I kinda felt bad for these guys as we all were yelling at them. They were just doing their job that they were hired to do. So they were getting a bad rap.
They said they don't mind pruning and taking trees down that are sick or in a dangerous place but taking them out for no reason bugs them..... But it is their job.

Tree Cutters

Would you do a job you don't like or you don't feel right about?

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