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Daily Journey

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bucket List ~ Two

Come join in on the Bucket List Linky over at "Rainbow's Daily Life"
Lets get Gina's linky full of our bucket list dreams.
It will be fun to see all our dreams and let us know when they happen.
I know I will be watching and dreaming along with you all.
It will be fun to see every ones dreams of their Bucket List and which ones get crossed off as they get completed.

I have always wanted to own my own home with some property; by a lake or water would be perfect.
But I would be happy with a very modest home. Where ever the Lord blessed me with it.
This home is in Idaho. Not necessarily where I would live. But this home is beautiful!
Maybe this could be my vacation home, or at least one of them.
I do love big bay widows. In fact I do know my home would have to have lots and lots of widows. I love the natural light and the surrounding beauty. So of course I would have lots of natural beauty surrounding the home.
One must dream large and very "BIG"!
So... that is what I'm going to do as I do my bucket list.
I know some will become reality and others.....well.... time will tell.... only the good Lord knows.
I'm going to believe each one will be accomplished in my life time at some point or another.
I was looking at one of my list that I made a few years back, I had actually accomplished some of them already.
So the good Lord is faithful.
Write it, vision it. speak it, work it, make it a reality!
My dreams can and will come true. What about yours?
They have to be a dream and vision first before they can manifest.

Have any of your bucket list dreams been made a reality or come true?

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