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Daily Journey

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bucket List ~ One

So many exciting things going on. I'm thinking how am I going to catch up. Get all that I want done and write all the stories and blogging hos and events I want to do. I would have to quit my job and sit in front of the computer all day long. I'm sure it will not always be this way. I do hear you get writers block. But.. that isn't my case at the moment. I actually have stories pouring out of me and swirling around in my head at the moment.

I'm hopping on a fun blog linky with "Rainbow's Daily Life"

She has a bucket list she does daily and I know for myself I do have one. But she does such a lovely one as we travel around the Untied States at the moment. So fun. So if you have a bucket list and want to join the fun come along and travel your dreams with Gina.
I personal have tons of things on my personal bucket list. So lets get this ball rolling.

Day~ 1
Bucket List:

I have always wanted to go to our National Cemetery.
I know I was there when I was an infant. But who remembers that?
So guess my first stop is the National Cemetery, on my bucket list.
I have a family member laid to rest in this cemetery on my Father's side of the family.
I have many family members who have served and am proud to say I come from a strong military family back ground.
Thank you to all that serve and all those that have. And a very special thanks to those who have lost loved ones for the freedoms of many. No greater honor than to lay ones life down for another. Many blessing to you and your families. Words of thanks could never speak what you have lost but because of them we have our freedoms.


You make my life possible here to have the freedoms I so richly enjoy.

With Memorial Day around the corner it just seemed like a good place to start.

Lord may you bring each one of our service men and women home safely to their families and loved ones.
Be with each family and loved one who has lost their loved one. Bring them the comfort only you can give in Jesus name Amen!

Please check out these links:
They have some great photos and information and education.

the tomb of the unknown soldiers arlington national cemetery

Do you have family that has served in anyway for your country?

1 comment:

Rainbow said...

I love the blog :) on Arlington!!! great job and thank you for linking with me, I think it will be a hit once people start hearing/reading of it.

My grandad( he was my adoptive granddad) was in , My father was in Korea, as well as his twin, his older brother was in WW2, my moms 4 brothers were in Vietnam, Bob was in the service in the Vietnam era(stateside) I come from a strong military family as well.
Thank you to all of our veterans, past, future and present.