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Daily Journey

Thursday, May 26, 2011

More WOW!

I was super blessed this past week as I was on my trip visiting my children and grandchildren.
I had planned on sharing on the trip. But.... I had much housekeeping to do with my blog and many thanks  to get out to all those who have blessed me with unexpected surprises and blessings. So many wonderful thank yous to get out to all those who have blessed me this past week. And yet another one!
I came home to find many goodies and surprises in my comments box as well as my personal email.
This one comes from my personal email.
It comes from Gina over at "Rainbow's Daily Life"
She had some beautiful gadget buttons made with my name on them.
Where and how am I going to display and use these beauties?
They must be placed on my blog for all to see. They are just to lovely and beautiful! Such talent!
Thank~ you! Thank~ you! Thank~ you!
So if you have any ideas on how to display and use please leave comments to help me show case these beauties!
Each unique in their own way too.
It is hard to even pick out a favorite. They each capture a different part of my personality.
I'm so excited about them!
I think I would love to use the rose button on my signature. What do you think? Does anyone know how to do that?
Any thoughts welcome and tips welcomed.

Which is your favorite out of the three buttons?


Rainbow said...

Thank you so much for the very kind words, they are all hand made special for each individual :)

Did you notice on my blog how I have the tabs on teh top? maybe that would help you with these?
go to design,posting,then edit pages, new page, then you call it what you want ie gadgets? then your followers can click at the top...maybe you could do a post on your new tabs? just an idea.

To use the rose when you are posting, click on edit html (right hand of your blog, it says edit html and compose? hit edit and then, add a picture (just like normal) get that rose wrap, and it will be in the html code, input it at the bottom of your post.....Don't forget when you are finsihed adding it to hit compose or your blog will look all funky (in html code you can't resize or recolor your fonts) maybe this will help.

If you need email me,
Blessings my Friend, I am off to take some pictures for cemetery request :) from find a grave yippee!!!


Thisisme. said...

How wonderful to have all those surprises, and those buttons are lovely. My favourite is the first one. I see that Rainbow has given you all the instructions you need! She is obviously a very good friend to have here. A blessing indeed, and, yay, it looks as if I can post comments again. Another blessing!

Helena said...

These are wonderful! I like the first two! Buttons, buttons, whose got the buttons! Fun!

JL Dodge said...

Wow is right, those are awesome !