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Daily Journey

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Prompt~ Ten Words

Last evening when I arrived home, I found a wonderful prompt from JL, over at "Dodge Writes:.
As you know I so enjoy the challenge so this one is you must use all ten words.
JL, always have some fun prompts and she always works several of her prompts into one writing. If you haven't checked her out it is a must. She is very creativity and talented.


I crept down the stairs
With a dance in my step
To marvel over the blizzard
That was swirling outside

I heard the brief report
As I glided by
As I looked out the window
To the overcast sky

Sneaking out for play
I played with the snowman
To the music of the song bird
Whose nest was nestled in the rafters on high

As the Winter breeze blew
I knew it was time
To head for my cozy bunker
For a long Winter's nap

Where dreams of childhood laughter
Danced and swirled
To the music of  song birds
Whose nest  rested in rafters on high

In the overcast sky
With the blizzard blowing outside
I was cozy inside

Safe in my bunker
As I played
The music of the song birds in mind

I marveled at the day
With a breif encounter
With a snowman
On a blizzard, overcast day


Do you fight allergies?


Rainbow said...

wonderful job. Thank you for stopping by :)
would love to see you on the Tuesday train
I am thinking on the 10 word prompt very interesting.


Kathe W. said...

marvelous use of the 10 words! and thanks for your nice comments on my blog! Have a great evening!