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Daily Journey

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 1

This awesome idea comes from another wonderful blogger. I love her site. Lots of wonderful crafting going on over on her site. It is Everyday Expressions.
Please check her out as well. I'm sure you will enjoy her site and all of her crafts.

So I'm not much of a crafter but I'm going to post one of the pictures I took after the wind storm here in January 2010. The  man in the tree is cutting the tree down so it wont fall on the home. We lost over half the trees in our complex after that wind storm. They said it was over 50 trees. I don't know. I just saw those big trees bowing down just as if they where bowing down to the very Lord. It was one of the most amazing sites I had ever seen. I will never forget. The ground was breathing as those trees were ripping right out of the ground.


Thisisme. said...

Beautiful photo. It must have been very frightening during that storm, with so many trees around! I see that was day one of 365 days of pictures. Gosh, are you really going to post a photo every day? That's quite an undertaking. Good luck!

Beverley said...

I've only just found your blog and i was interested to find out what was number 1. It's a lovely picture and they say pictures paints a thousand words. Good luck with the rest of the year.