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Daily Journey

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CK's Valentine's Day Walk

This is my walk Kathrine! I want to go this way today.

Okay! Your the "BOSS" CK.

Headed towards home

This is the way I like to go. Don't you?

The sun breaking through the rain clouds.
Mom you always now what to do.

Strolling towards home.

CK! Slow down! It isn't a race yet!

Even the old gal likes to use the cross walk.

Almost home before the rain!

We both love the sun.

CK's Other Sweet Valentine!

Ck always has her mommy's heart!

One of the many other activities we did on Valentines day! Mostly it was Ck and I. Then our beautiful Kathrine came by and spent the afternoon with us. So we decided to go for a short walk and enjoy the break from the rain. The sun broke out for a short while. So it was beautiful and we all enjoyed it so very much.
Then we headed to Micheal's and found all kinds of wonderful craft goodies.
I found all kinds of goodies at 50-75% off. Got to love that! It always adds up so quickly though. But now I have some goodies and need to get to work on some of those crafts and making some gifts for the girls and grandchildren.
Then home again. I had to put together some other bags of goodies for Hubby for Valentines day. That is for another post.
The day came to a close with all of us sitting and watching "Castle".

Do you like to get out in the sun and get walks in the fresh air?

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